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F1 Solutions is pleased to announce our System Centre Service Manager 2012 service offering, the latest addition to the Microsoft Systems Management product family.

Service Manager 2012 is a specialised tool designed to save your organisation time and money by automating the organisation's core, repetitive tasks by promoting 'self-service'. By using our services to plan, configure and implement Service Manager, you will revolutionise your organisation and help take your organisation's productivity to a higher level.

F1 Solutions is a leading practitioner of Microsoft's Systems Management technologies in the ACT. Our partnership with Microsoft allows F1 Solutions professionals the opportunity of early access to the latest products and services on offer from Microsoft, enabling F1 Solutions to remain at the forefront. F1 Solutions has been using SCSM 2012 since its early release to manage our own production operation that comprises several large hosted clients as well as our cloud service offerings.  We used SCSM 2012 to flawlessly host the 2012 ACT Elections, as well as managing Electronic Legislative Assembly Polling Place System, ELAPPS which we developed. ELAPPS is a world first electronic polling place management system, designed and executed by F1 Solutions professionals.

F1 Solutions specialists are able to provide your organisation with a complete management system through precise planning (which includes adherence to ITIL), design and integration of Microsoft's Service Manager 2012.

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Service Manager 2012 is not only designed to make your organisation less dependent on the Help Desk and more self-reliant, this program will revolutionise the way organisation operates. Microsoft System Service Manager delivers a unique and integrated platform for automating your organisation's IT Service Management best practices and adapting them to meet your organisation's requirements. Service Manager can help your organisation to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve resolution times and meet compliance standards. Its built in processes are based on industry best practices such as those found on Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

ITIL has fast become the world's most accepted approach to IT Service Management. Microsoft have taken the power of ITIL and built it into the fabric of their system software, automating your organisation's service management processes so you can deliver best practice.

Service Manager provides all the ITIL requirements including Incident Management, Release Management, Problem Management and Change Management. Since all the necessary components are inbuilt into Microsoft system software, we expect this will offer an order of magnitude reduction in implementation costs over older methods of getting the same result. 

                   Service Delivery and Automation

The release of Microsoft System Service Manager 2012 means organisations can now improve and simplify the operations of the IT service desk, while at the same time streamline and normalise support processes across the organisation. Service Manager delivers a complete solution to ensure your IT team delivers quality business services across your organisation. If you are already using SCOM and SSCM, Service Manager can be included to provide a complete management solution.

Microsoft Service Manager 2012 enables you to automate core organisational process workflows like incident management, problem management, change management and release management. The Service Manager can be broken down into seven individual components with each component providing a vital service leading to a comprehensive product.


Creating local extensions to the Service Manager framework to extend its capability into Asset Management. This is enabled through Connectors that are available for many of your existing incumbent third party software families. However, a careful review may indicate that they may no longer be necessary and operational efficiencies and savings are possible to augment your productivity dividends.

The Service Manager components are:

Service Manager management server- This is the primary software portion of your Service Manager installation.

Service Manager database- contains a number of different items including:

  • Configuration items from across the organisation
  • Incident records
  • Change requests
  • Service Manager environment configuration

Data warehouse management server-  handles long-term storage as well as reporting needs.

Service Manager Console- The console provides the portal into the Service Manager environment, used by Help Desk staff and other administrators. It is the method by which these employees manage incidents, tasks and change requests.

Self-service Portal- Enables reduction in IT staff's workload by allowing users to handle some of the basic tasks on their own. These tasks include, password reset, as well as, providing users with the knowledgebase so they can try to find their own solutions to a problem.

F1 Solutions extensive software development and SQL Server BI skills mean Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) extensions to Service Manager are readily created by our expert BI and DW team. F1 Solutions skills in ETL - using SSRS, SSIS and SSAS all contribute to F1 Solutions being the provider of choice for SCSM, Virtualisation consulting and implementation.

Microsoft's Service Manager offers an elite level of automation to your systems processes. Let F1 Solutions experts work with you to show you how we can improve the efficiency of your enterprise with Service Manager 2012. This service is designed to streamline, automate and simplify your organisation's core operational tasks. F1 Solutions Service Manager 2012 professionals will optimise your organisation's productivity, decrease resolution times, improve service delivery quality and ultimately save you money.

For many organisations, Service Manager Licenses are available at no additional costs.

To generate Productivity Dividends for your enterprise, please contact F1 Solutions on 02 6245 7999 and ask for Miles Hamilton-Green or Gus Boman.