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Streamlined CINSW's workflow OmniStar management platform image

OmniStar management platform Streamlined CINSW's workflow

CINSW: Cancer Institute New South Wales

With the mission of working together to lessen the impact of cancer, the Cancer Institute NSW is a pillar of NSW health providing the strategic direction for cancer control in the state. CINSW works across the health care system to promote better cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and care. The organization is one of the largest funders of cancer research in the state, focusing on the translation of research findings into clinical practice.

Complex problems Simplified solutions


Each year, CINSW is responsible to distribute about $28 million for cancer research funding on top of the approximation of $120 million current research contracts. A number of non-integrated systems were in use to manage, capture, store and report on intricate grant schemes. Research grant management had become increasingly complex.

The current systems were disparate, difficult and time-consuming to use basing on the feedback of key stakeholders including researchers and organizations applying for grants and grant evaluators. Moreover, CINSW had to invest in a large overhead to ensure accuracy of terminology and reported information. Improvement in areas like application forms and guideline publish, use of online and automated workflow approval, processing capabilities and report were deemed crucial.


CINSW selected F1 Solutions’ flagship product – OmniStar as the research grants management system to administer and manage their research grant across five divisions. OmniStar is hosted as SaaS on F1 Solutions IRAP certified Data Centre with complete service of preventative maintenance and back up management. The system supports more than 100 internal users and about 1000 external users. Existing data were migrated to the new environment and all application forms were re-designed with SmartForm technology. Throughout the project, F1 Solutions provided CINSW with ICT strategic advice and consultancy service to improve the business process.

Working together To increase efficiency

The project was successfully completed in the agreed timeframe and within the allocated budget. OmniStar out of the box was able to cover 80% of the requirements, only 20% required customisation, which is now incorporated into the product as standard functionality or configuration option. SmartForm technology has brought about a new application process experience and new application forms readily gained acceptance from internal and external users.

OmniStar enables CINSW to automate their business process across different phases of grant management from pre-award, award and post-award. CINSW is able to streamline their process with the configurable workflow in OmniStar, thereby accomplishing greater throughput with the same number of personnel. The flexible and business user driven reporting functionality empowers CINSW's business users to gain insights into their data that was previously not possible.

The success of this project has strengthened the partnership and trust between CINSW and F1 Solutions. On-going customisation and configuration services are taking place to extend the use of this solution.