Change the Way you Run Your Organisation

Cloud hosting, and cloud computing in general, has revolutionised how IT companies provide services to their clients. Gone are the days where you have to own and manage your own servers. Gone are the days of having to worry about upgrading systems and software. And gone are the days of employing a big IT team to manage all your infrastructure needs.

Trusted and Reputable Cloud Hosting

When choosing the right cloud hosting provider you need to consider availability, performance, support, scalability, cost, control and automation, the supplier’s infrastructure and security.

That is why you should choose us. Our IRAP certified, enterprise grade cloud is a tier 1 Data Centre that offers flexibility and is highly secure with market leading security solutions.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Reduced IT Costs

Save money on energy consumption, you might no longer have to pay wages for additional IT staff and you only pay for what you use

Automatic Updates and Upgrades

You will no longer have to worry if your software and systems are up to date. We’ll look after that for you.


Business needs change quickly and cloud hosting allows you to easily add or delete users or storage based on your organisation’s needs at that point in time.

Business Continuity

When your applications and data are saved in the cloud, you are automatically safeguarded against losing your precious data in the event of a disaster.

Cloud Hosting Services We Offer

Cloud Backup

Infrastructure as a Service

Website Hosting

Hosted SharePoint

Hosted Exchange

Disaster Recovery Services

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