As we work through the effects of COVID-19, F1 Solutions would like to assure you that our current professional and hosting services are and will continue to operate. As we are assisting many of our clients with rapidly establishing remote working arrangements, we are experiencing higher than usual call volumes on our support phone lines. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging and critical time.

Clone Your Business Data In Case of a Disaster

These days there are many types of disasters that could wipe out your business’s data. You could get hit by a cyber-attack, or a natural disaster, or someone internally might delete all your files by accident or on purpose. That is why you need a disaster recovery solution to make sure your organisation can continue to operate – no matter what happens.

Our Experts Can Help You Develop A Disaster Recovery Plan

We work with you to help you develop a disaster recovery plan, which includes emergency contact lists, your recovery point objective (RPO), recovery time objective (RTO) and what data to include. If needed, we can also help you develop your business continuity plan.  

Then we replicate the data from your on premise IT infrastructure to our F1 Solutions secure data centre. As we provide a fully managed disaster recovery service, we monitor replication and ensure it is up to date and that the disaster recovery environment is ready to be activated at any time.

What Else Do you Need to Know About Our Disaster Recovery Services?

We specialise in disaster recovery solutions for Hyper-V infrastructure. You might also like to know our Tier 1, enterprise grade, IRAP certified data centre, located in Canberra’s central business district, is highly secure and has a market leading firewall as well as market leading security solutions. We also test-run your disaster recovery environment to ensure in the case of a real disaster everything will work exactly as we have planned.

And if you already have existing backup in place – that’s not a problem. Our disaster recovery solution can be deployed side-by-side to your current solution.

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