Australia's First ePPMS For Elections ACT in 2012

In 2012 we developed Australia’s first electronic polling place management system, which is a voting management system, for Elections ACT. It yielded impressive results when managing voters for their 2012 Legislative Assembly Election.

It decreased processing times by 20 – 30 seconds. It increased operational efficiency by up to 20%. It increased polling place staff productivity by up to 40%. It decreased reconciliation processing by up to 25%. Display times were up to 25% faster. And, most importantly, multiple voting decreased by up to 100%.


“We conducted a highly successful ACT Legislative Assembly election and the contribution from F1 Solutions, towards this outcome, was invaluable.”

Phillip Green
Electoral Commissioner for ACT

Benefits of our Voting Management System Experience the Difference

Improve Polling Mark-off Process

The ePPMS specifically tackles the most common and high impact risks of accuracy, security and integrity. Key features include electronic roll search and mark-off, automated end-of-day ballot paper reconciliation, identify multiple voting attempts, secure transmission of vote counts, Metric recording — voter statistics, staff processing and more  and real-time display of results from the polling location.

Reduce Risk

The ePPMS directly addresses the issue of accuracy and multiple or lost votes by having a central election roll database that marks off a person's name once they have been issued with a ballot paper. The system can detect attempts to cast multiple physical votes by the same person. Postal votes are also uploaded to the central election roll database, reducing the risk of multiple votes occurring.

Improve Efficiency

The ePPMS offers several features to improve the smooth-running of the polling process, including providing key notifications, such as low ballot paper numbers and a materials inventory. This eliminates any unnecessary delays, wastage and costly mistakes. The system also holds polling place layout, time and attendance recording, and customer service feedback from voters.

Cut Costs

You don't have to pay a cent for all the intellectual property, years of knowledge and development that has already gone into creating Australia's first electronic polling place management system, all you have to pay for are any customisations or additional functions based on your jurisdictional requirements, saving you money! 

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