Don't Let IT Problems Stop you from Working

Have you ever been on holidays and then returned to work and forgotten your desktop user login details?

Have you ever had email access issues with Outlook?

Have you ever tried to access an important file on your network but quickly realised you don’t have permission?

Has your printer stopped cooperating five minutes before a really important client meeting?

We provide trusted and reliable desktop support to make sure these little problems don’t cause major issues.

Why you Need Reliable and Trusted Desktop Support

There are few things more important to your business than keeping your desktops up and running. Through Outlook, your desktop connects you to your customers, clients, stakeholders, suppliers and colleagues. Through your network, your desktop connects you to all your files and documents. Put simply, it would be hard to run your business without your desktop running smoothly.

That’s why we provide businesses with reliable and trusted desktop support and management.

How Does Helpdesk Support Work?

You might be wondering how we can solve your desktop problems without being onsite? The answer is simple: through a remote desktop connection.

When a problem arises with a client’s desktop they contact us via our helpdesk (or more often than not by email or phone, we have a close relationship with our clients). Then via a tool called Team Manager we access their desktop remotely. This is the exact same as us being in front of your desktop, sitting in your chair and using your mouse.

Then we start analysing your desktop data to find the root of the problem. Once we know the problem, we get to work on fixing it. It’s the exact same process as if we were onsite to lend support. Only difference is we do it from our chair, not yours.

Other Services Included in Our IT Support Packages

Cloud Backup

Microsoft Office 365

Network & End-user Security

Server & Network Management and Monitoring

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