Keep your Business Data Safe: Preventative Maintenance

With today’s online environment, keeping an organisation’s data safe should be one of the top priorities of a company. Data being compromised doesn’t just have reputation repercussions but often legal repercussions too, which is why you need a trusted provider to manage your antispam and antivirus software for reliable endpoint protection.

You Worry about Business, We’ll Worry about Malware

As a business owner or manager you have far too much on your plate to worry about malware, adware and spyware. But we worry about these things on a daily basis. It is our job to make sure they don’t sneak their way into our clients’ systems and computers. And we would be more than happy to worry about them for you, too.

To keep your computers and endpoints protected from malware, adware and spyware, we implement tools such as antivirus and antispam software, as well as a firewall.

No Junk Mail Please

We use antispam software (our recommended choice is Sophos) to filter your email message content and remove potentially harmful spam, junk and inappropriate emails and malware. This protects you against leaking precious customer data, intellectual property and sensitive information.

By blocking spam and viruses, we also minimise network downtime and increase productivity. This could result in potentially huge savings for your business or organisation as you are always ready to help your customers or clients when they need you!

Other Services Included in Our IT Support Packages

Cloud Backup

Microsoft Office 365

Server & Network Management and Monitoring

Helpdesk Support

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