We Monitor Your Servers & Networks 24/7 to Prevent Problems

We monitor and manage all aspects of your network and servers to pick up on emerging problems before they become significant ones that impact your operation. Think of us as your eagle eye monitoring everything to do with your servers and networks, ensuring everything works as it should. 

We proactively and regularly monitor network traffic, performance and availability of network devices, as well as track bandwidth usage and your exchange server. This helps to minimise downtime and ensures you are always available to help your clients.

Always Connected to The Outside World

These days it is hard to imagine a business world without email. In fact, there are few business problems more critical than email being down. If you are not able to email your clients, customers, stakeholders and suppliers, how do you continue to do business?

That is why we take monitoring your exchange server so seriously. We proactively monitor your exchange server and perform regular maintenance to minimise disruptions to your organisation’s email. This ensures more uptime, less downtime, fewer disruptions and more business. 

You Look After Business We'll Look After Your Website

We monitor your web servers to pick up on any emerging problems, such as hackers trying to add malicious content to your website, and resolve them before they become significant problems that impact your operations.

This ensures your online presence is always there, ready to be found when customers come looking.

Other Services Included in Our IT Support Packages

Cloud Bacdkup

Microsoft Office 365

Network & End-user Security

Helpdesk Support

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