14 Oct 2016

On Saturday, 15 October the 284,240 votes cast in the ACT election will be processed by F1 Solutions’ electronic voting management system.

This means that Canberrans will be able to see the votes being tallied live with minute by minute updates to find out who will form the next ACT Legislative Assembly and govern the ACT. With 141 candidates from 12 political parties vying for only 25 spots in five electorates, it will be an interesting day in our Nation’s Capital.

This level of interaction and immediacy has been made possible by F1 Solutions electronic voting management system (ePPMS). This innovative approach was first engineered for the last ACT election in 2012 and due to its success was implemented for the Northern Territory elections in August of this year.

To watch the election unfold in real time please visit https://electionresults.act.gov.au/ from 7:30pm on Saturday 15 October 2016.

For more information on F1 Solutions unique automated election management system, ePPMS please visit our website www.f1solutions.com.au


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