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F1 Solutions Helping Territories Deliver Better Voting Management  for 2016 Elections
11 Apr 2016

F1 Solutions Helping Territories Deliver Better Voting Management for 2016 Elections

Later this year both the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory will head to the polls to decide their respective Legislative Assembly composition. Another thing they will have in common is  both territories will be using F1 Solutions’ ePPMS (electronic Polling Place Management System) to manage voting.

While this is a significant success for F1 Solutions, the bigger winners are the people of the ACT and the NT.

Not only will voters benefit from a better voting experience thanks to faster processing times, but ePPMS also ensures a just process.

Integral to our democratic system is one person one vote. ePPMS is designed to identify multiple voting incidents at roll mark-off time. This allows the polling personnel to take immediate action to prevent multiple voting from occurring in the first place. Imagine if this system was used in the 2013 Federal Election where thousands of people admitted to voting more than once.

ePPMS was first engineered in 2012 for Elections ACT to manage the Legislative Assembly Election. It produced impressive results, including:

  • Decreasing processing times by 20 – 30 seconds.
  • Increasing operational efficiency by up to 20 per cent.
  • Increasing polling place staff productivity by up to 40 per cent.
  • Decreasing reconciliation processing by up to 25 per cent.
  • Making display times up to 25 per cent faster.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, decreasing multiple voting by up to 100 per cent.


At the time, Phillip Green, who was first appointed to the role of Electoral Commissioner for ACT in 1994, said, “We conducted a highly successful ACT Legislative Assembly election, and the contribution from F1 Solutions, towards this outcome, was invaluable.”

Recently, impressed by the capabilities of ePPMS, the Northern Territory Electoral Commission also engaged F1 Solutions to deliver ePPMS for their election this year.

Gus Boman, Founding Director of F1 Solutions, says this is a significant win for all parties involved.

“It is the first time a commercial company is providing a managed voting solution to two jurisdictions,” says Mr Boman. “This is an exciting step forward in bringing more innovation to voting management in Australia. By both of the Territories engaging us to manage and maintain the system, they can learn from each other and improve existing election management practices.”

Mr Boman also says this is the first time the Northern Territory Election Commission has embraced automation. And while he acknowledges the network coverage in the Northern Territory will provide some challenges and stretch the solution, he is confident, like Elections ACT did, they will see significant improvements in voting management throughout voting period and, in particular, on Election Day.

“ePPMS helped produce such a successful 2012 Legislative Assembly Election for Elections ACT, and we are so pleased to be working with them again this year, as well as the Northern Territory Electoral Commission,” says Mr Boman. “We hope the states will follow in the steps of the territories and also embrace ePPMS. The impressive efficiency improvements, solving the multiple votes issue and the opportunity to share, improve and standardise elections operations should provide justification for this to occur.”

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