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29 Jun 2016

Last 16 May Dr Gordon McGurk (Director, Clinical Trials NHMRC) conducted a webinar about the HREA (Human Research Ethics Application) and why it needs to replace the NEAF (National Ethics Application Form).

The purpose of the webinar is to discuss and provide information on:

  • The current ethics application and the need to develop a new application
  • Development of HREA
  • Benefits of HREA
  • Key features
  • Timelines including testing


Dr Gordon enumerated several reasons for the replacement of NEAF:

  • Government mandated through budget measure
  • Improve applicability to all fields of human research.
  • The IT supporting NEAF is not contemporary
  • There is an opportunity for greater consistency


He also discussed the benefits of the new form (HREA): 

  • Reduces duplication between project description/ protocol and the application
  • Enables attachment of any relevant document
  • Only collects relevant information
  • Enables editing/track changes and generation of a comparison version
  • Supports collaboration between researchers.


You can watch the full video below.