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14 Oct 2019

The OmniStar COTS product suite, is a highly adaptable ‘Commercial-of-the-shelf’ (COTS) research solution from F1 Solutions. This leading-edge solution delivers end-to-end research management and includes OmniResearch, OmniGrants, OmniProjects and OmniEthics.

OmniStar is a powerful SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform which is designed to manage every aspect of a research project; from planning to evaluation and integrates every stage of the process to provide complete lifecycle transparency and accountability. This gives you unparalleled benefits. Audit reports can be generated with just a few clicks. Business intelligence lies at your fingertips. Project progression is clearly visible on screen through dashboard reporting. And information can be accessed and provided to management and auditors just minutes after it is requested. As more and more clients adopt the platform, specifically in the university space, the need to ensure commonality and standardisation in the approaches implemented in the solution offers significant advantages to both the university sector and F1 Solutions.

What OmniStar features are available ‘Out-of-the-Box’?

We are often asked what features are available ‘Out-of-the-Box’ and it is a good question as this means different things to different people. In this post we explain the functionality and supported business processes that are available Out of the Box (OOTB).

OmniStar is a highly configurable and flexible platform. Given this fact and that each client’s requirements differ to varying degrees, all instances of OmniStar are tailored to some extent. As a result, it may not be immediately obvious exactly what functionality is available OOTB. This results in a common misconception that the product is a set of building blocks that needs to be wired together to support the business process.

Instead, the product has a set of core functionality that supports a fundamental business process by default, but may be manipulated or extended to provide support for additional or more complex scenarios. Given the nature of the organisations involved, more often than not, the OOTB functionality is extended to suit specific business needs. This may be to introduce automation to obtain efficiencies in repetitive tasks; to integrate the platform with other systems within the ecosystem; or simply to more closely align the functionality with underlying business processes. Being a highly-adaptable platform, it is possible to change the solution significantly which can require equally significant effort to do so. How far this is taken depends on the budget, timeframe and objectives of each client.

Considering the OmniEthics variant of OmniStar, the following business processes are supported entirely ‘Out-of-the-Box’:
• Application creation and submission
• Application eligibility
• Committee management
• Application review
• Meeting creation and management
• Application decision management and notification
• Application amendment
• Progress and annual report submission
• Incident report submission

Note that many of these default processes are supported through the OmniStar web interface (either via Internal Portal or External Portal actions). Automation of these processes requires input from the business around valid and safe assumptions around data quality and exactly which pieces of the process should be automated in which way/s. Nevertheless, automation sits as a layer atop of the OOTB processes using the underlying existing capabilities.

Additional information on OOTB functionality and capabilities can be found here:

Smart Forms: The NHMRC Human Research Ethics Application (HREA);

1. Human Ethics Review Form;
2. Incident Form; and
3. Progress Report Form.

Email Templates: Over 50 email templates with text exists OOTB. These can be updated via the WYSIWYG editor

Letter Templates: In addition to the various email templates that are included OOTB in a “vanilla" OmniStar instance, the following letter templates are also included:

1. Meeting Agenda and Minutes Template; and
2. Decision Templates (Approved and Not Approved).

For more information on OmniStar’s OOTB capabilities please contact us on (02) 6245 7999 or
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