As we work through the effects of COVID-19, F1 Solutions would like to assure you that our current professional and hosting services are and will continue to operate. As we are assisting many of our clients with rapidly establishing remote working arrangements, we are experiencing higher than usual call volumes on our support phone lines. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging and critical time.
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Want to Know More About Our OmniStar Products? Read our FAQ!

Frequently asked questions are the perfect way for you to learn more about our OmniStar COTS product suite. 

They cover off everything from what OmniStar is to how it is priced and how long it takes to implement. If you have any more questions after reading our FAQ, please get in touch with us and we'll answer them directly. 


What is OmniStar?

OmniStar is a leading-edge software suite – made up of OmniGrants, OmniEthics and OmniResearch. It has over 1,000 features that can be configured to create an organisation specific and user-centric solution. These products are focused on empowering you to implement functionality and processes that suit your organisation best. They are a result of 23+ years of software engineering and are designed to comply with Australian government security, auditing and industry standards.

What platforms and devices does OmniStar support?

The entire OmniStar product suite is developed using leading edge web technology. As a web based solution, it works effortlessly on current versions of most browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer and adapts to display optimally your mobile and tablet devices. This means that OmniStar is accessible on most web enabled devices and will automatically adjust its formatting and layout for optimal useability.

Does OmniStar require bespoke development?

As no two organisations are the same, OmniStar’s 1,000 features are configured to best suit your needs. We can set up your system, create your forms and reports and ensure that all existing data is migrated correctly without writing a single line of code.

OmniStar has been designed and architected to empower you to adapt and configure the system to match the your business processes without the need for bespoke development. This is achieved in various ways including providing email and letter template generation, configurable lookups, switches and data structures, intelligent SmartForms into our self-managed client portal, a data warehouse equipped with data visualisation capabilities (dashboard design and report generation) and a graphical drag and drop workflow designer.

Can OmniStar be Customised?

Yes it can. We frequently have requests to enhance existing functionality or include new features. We can develop new features to ensure that OmniStar provides an all in one solution to suit your needs.

As a bonus, any customised new features developed become part of the product and are available to all clients. New functions that are made configurable and therefore can be turned on or off as desired.

All maintenance and support of customised features are managed by us as a part of our regular maintenance.

Is Omnistar hosted onsite or offsite?

OmniStar is designed as a cloud based solution and is hosted offsite in AWS in Australia however it can be installed onsite in your ICT environment if required. OmniStar can also be hosted in separate third-party datacentre. There may be slight variations to the services offered by us should the software be hosted on site or at a third-party location.

Can we Integrate OmniStar with our Existing Systems?

Yes. OmniStar’s open standards based design allows it to integrate with external systems. These systems can be in-house or cloud hosted systems such as HP Content Manager (Trim), Dynamics CRM, SAP or other ERPs or FMISs.

OmniStar is already capable of integrating with many systems including:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS);
  • Windows File Server;
  • ORCiD;
  • Facebook, Google+ and other social media;
  • Federated authentication providers, e.g. ADFS and AAF;
  • FinanceOne;
  • QuickBooks;
  • MYOB;
  • the Human Ethics Research Application (HREA); and
  • Microsoft Office

If you require, we can develop custom integration to allow an easy two-way data exchange to occur using standard OmniStar API and integration features.

What other integration capabilities does OmniStar offer?

In addition to the above listed services, OmniStar offers documented and supported APIs, web services and other integration technologies to assist in creating a system that works in unison with your other programs.

Can we Migrate Data From Legacy Systems to OmniStar?

Yes. OmniStar has in-built functionality to import a range of data from external systems e.g. details of people, organisation, positions; details of projects, etc. It has extensive validation rules and can accurately identify offending data.

OmniStar also supports importing of documents in a range of formats including, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDFs, and various image formats.

In addition to the in-built data migration functionality, we can develop custom data migration logic that can extract data directly from your existing systems via API/XML/other and push it into OmniStar using existing APIs.

What Reportable Information Can be Gathered From the System?

OmniStar offers extensive reporting functionality.

  • User defined reports
  • Predefined reports
  • Dashboards
  • CSV table exports

Dashboard and reporting operate on the reporting database which is a data warehouse that comes as part of the OmniStar product suite. All major and common entities within OmniStar, including the audit log has been made reportable meaning the system offers extensive reporting capability. The dashboards are interactive and can be dynamically filtered and drilled.

User defined reports are similar to dashboard in that it is user designed. The key difference is that it produces well formatted output suitable for inclusion in documents. It is typically designed as period reporting for board members or senior executives who expect the report in an agreed format.

Does OmniStar have functionality to aid investigation?

The OmniStar product suite includes an exhaustive audit log, capturing the before and after record, and insertions and deletions of all changes made. The audit log is tamper proof, not allowing data to be changed once it is written. All data written to the audit log is reportable using a range of system designed, user designed reports and dashboards.

The audit log allows you to trace changes by user, date and time. Access patterns can be constructed and extent of changes determined. Investigators have full confidence in the evidence collected due to the tamper proof nature of the audit log.

In addition to the audit log, a separate event log is available that captures key information such as failed and successful logon attempts, integration messages, etc.

Does OmniStar support collaborative efforts between internal and external users?

OmniStar is designed to operate in a dynamic work group environment to facilitate efficient operation of a range of activities. These benefits extend to activities undertaken by external users as well as internal users OmniStar products support complex relationships based on positions, responsibilities and delegation based authority. This fosters collaborative application creation, real time two-way communication between applicants and the organisation, as well as collaboration between internal personnel, managers, internal/external reviewers and senior management.

What ongoing support is provided?

We offer a full range of support including dedicated Help Desk and online support portal. A range of SLA’s are available to meet your requirements.

Highly automated monitoring tools are implemented that work together with in-built OmniStar error detection functionality. Early warnings are picked up and alerts sent to the monitoring console and support staff. Appropriate action is taken to rectify the situation, circumvent it or request orderly shutdown to minimise data loss and user dissatisfaction.

Being cloud based, availability is paramount and the OmniStar platform has an average up time of: 99.9979% with the standard support period.

Our standard service levels are shown in the table below and our standard support is provided between the hours of 7:00am to 7:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday, excluding ACT public holidays:

Higher service levels can be made available by contacting us

Priority Response time
Priority Level 1 1 Business Hour
Priority Level 2 2 Business Hours
Priority Level 3 1 Business Day
Priority Level 4 3 Business Days

What happens when our business grows?

OmniStar is a solution that was built to handle the needs of organisations of any size. Whether you process 10 or 10,000 applications a month, the system can handle it.

OmniStar has been engineered to utilise the functionality offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to automatically scale the available infrastructure based on your needs. This ensures little to no load error occurrences frequently triggered by unusually high traffic.

Is OmniStar WCAG Compliant

Yes, the OmniStar external portal is Web Content Accessibility Guideline 2.0 Level AA compliant.

How secure is OmniStar?

The OmniStar suite has been built to meet the highest security requirements and is IRAP compliant capable of storing UNCALSSIFIED: SENSTIVE information. Our tier one data centre is IRAP certified and ASD compliant.

All F1 Solutions personnel who work with client information are heavily vetted and hold a baseline security clearance as a minimum. We comply with Australian Privacy Principles including the Privacy Act 1988.

As well as internal policies and procedures, OmniStar is hosted with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) whose data centre and architecture have been built to meet the requirements of the most stringent security sensitive organisations.

We are happy to provide a fact sheet on the security we provide as a part of the OmniStar service.

Security is of the utmost importance to us, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Who owns the data entered into OmniStar?

All data stored on the system remains your property. If hosted by us, we facilitate its storage and security however ownership will remain with you and your organisation. As such, we have protocols in place for transferring this data to you at your request or in the event of a discontinuation of partnership.

Is there a published disengagement plan?

Yes, we have a standard disengagement plan. This plan includes exporting all your data and clearly outlines steps to ensure a smooth conclusion. We are committed to keeping you informed of the progress so you will be contacted regularly throughout the process.

Is there an OmniStar Demo?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to demonstrate OmniStar to you and your organisation. We typically like to tailor the demonstrations to you, so any supporting material that you can provide to us is very much appreciated. This typically assists in seeing exactly how the solution could work for you.

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of OmniStar, please contact us for more information.

What is the Standard Implementation Period?

The implementation time for an OmniStar system is dependent on your requirements and the size of the implementation. From experience if the you require Out-of-the-Box functionality, configured for to your specific business needs, the average time is between eight and ten weeks.

If you require specific configuration and customisation then the timeframe may be longer than standard depending on extent and complexity.

Data migration and change management often have the largest impact on schedules within the implementation period. Our dedicated support team will assist you through the entire process.

What is the costing and/or licencing fee structure?

We have a standard fee structure that is scaled based on the expected number of users, form submissions & speed requirements.

Our fee and licencing structures are billed monthly or yearly and can be tailored to meet your needs. For information about OmniStar license fees, please contact us.

What other organisations use OmniStar?

F1 Solutions can provide references from current users upon request. Please contact us

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