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Want to Know More About Our OmniStar Products? Read our FAQ!

This frequently asked questions document is the perfect tool for you to learn more about our OmniStar COTS product suite. 

It covers off everything from what OmniStar is to how it is priced and how long it takes to implement. If you have any more questions after reading our FAQ, please get in touch with us and we'll answer them directly. 

Here is a list of questions included in the document. 


Our FAQ is packed with Information It will Answer these Questions

What is OmniStar?

OmniStar is a leading edge COTS product suite - made up of OmniResearch, OmniGrants, OmniEthics and OmniProjects... 

Does OmniStar Work on all devices?

The entire OmniStar product suite is developed using leading edge web technology. It works effortlessly on current versions of the popular browsers as it is responsive enabled... 

Is it designed as a COTS product or does it require bespoke development?

OmniStar is designed as COTS product. It has over 500 features that can be configured according to the client requirements... 

Can OmniStar be Customised?

Yes it can. OmniStar has been built with the knowledge that no two clients are exactly the same... 

Would the OmniStar System be Hosted Onsite of Offsite?

OmniStar is designed as a cloud based solution and is hosted offsite at F1 Solutions' IRAP certified data centre. It can be installed onsite in an organisation's ICT environment, if requested by the client. 

Can we Integrate OmniStar with our Existing Systems?

Yes. OmniStar's open standards based design allows it to integrate with external systems... 

Can we Migrate Data From Legacy Systems to OmniStar?

OmniStar supports several types of information migration, including in-built data migration... 

What Reportable Information Can be Gathered From the System?

OmniStar offers extensive reporting functionality, including in-built reports that are parameter driven, dashboard reporting, ad-hoc reporting and user-designed formatted reporting...

Does OmniStar have a mechanism that aids investigation?

The OmniStar product suite includes an exhaustive audit log, capturing the before and after record, inserts and deletes of all the changes made. The audit log is tamper proof in that it does not allow data to be changed once it is written...

Does OmniStar Support Collaboration Between Users?

OmniStar is designed to operate in a dynamic work group environment to facilitate efficient operation of a range of activities. These benefits extend to activities undertaken by external users as well as internal users... 

How do you Provide Support for OmniStar?

F1 Solutions offers full range of support, including dedicated Help Desk and online trouble ticket system. A range of SLA's are available to meet individual business demands...

What is the Standard Implementation Period if we were to Purchase OmniStar?

The implementation time for an OmniStar system is dependent on the client's requirements and the size of implementation. From experience, if the client requires out-of-the-box functionality configured for their specific business needs, the average time is between six and eight weeks... 

How Does F1 Solutions run OmniStar's Cost/ License fee?

For information about OmniSatr license fees, please contact us by phone, email or via our contact us form

Who are Your Clients Already Using OmniStar?

F1 Solutions is willing to disclose client references to prospects who are interested in purchasing OmniStar. Please contact us by email, phone or our contact us form

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