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Who Can Use OmniEthics

Government entities, Private & Public Medical and Research facilities, Universities, Health organisations. OmniEthics is highly configurable to suit your organisations Ethics requirements.

Watch the below demonstration about how OmniEthics powers Human Research Ethics Application (HREA).

OmniEthics Powers NHMRC's HREA

OmniEthics is the system powering NHMRC’s new Human Research Ethics Application (HREA). It has the capability to help you streamline your research ethics compliance and governance processes. It is also integrated with HREA by inserting the HREA data into the ethics application form. HREA integration is a standard feature of OmniEthics.

What makes OmniEthics such a standout system is its list of impressive features and workflow. It has an intelligent application process powered by SmartForms technology. Depending on your access controls, it can readily share information between stakeholders and reviewers. It supports parallel processing of ethics compliance and governance applications, including if applicable site feasibility assessments. It has inbuilt features to help you collect performance metrics which feed into evidence-based improvements and strategic planning.


OmniEthics Simply Makes Ethics Management Easier

OmniEthics simplifies ethics management at every stage of the process. It starts by replacing cumbersome and time consuming paper processes with smart digital forms. These are capable of being auto-filled using data stored in profile, or HREA or other sources. It also facilitates open two-way communication between the applicant and administrator. This allows information to easily flow back-and-forth. And all the communication is stored in the system. You can look at previous versions to understand progress as well as maintain continuity if personnel change.

Click on the link below to view Dr McGurk's (Director, Clinical Trials, National Health and Medical Research Council) presentation about Streamlining Ethics Review at INORMS 2016 Business Breakfast. 

From Application to Approval From Execution to Excellence

An Intelligent Application Process

OmniEthics provides an intelligent application process powered by best-in-class SmartForms technology. It pre-populates relevant data in subsequent questions, where possible. It also provides an intuitive and efficient user experience, including collaboration. It facilitates collaboration by allowing two-way communication between the applicant and stakeholders as well as the applicant and administrators. OmniEthics also automatically creates a profile of the user to be stored in the CRM.

A Collaborative Review Process

OmniEthics provides an online portal for research office staff, researchers, Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) members and ‘expert’ reviewers. Within this online portal review stakeholders can easily share information and communicate with one another, ensuring quality assurance.

Better Ethics Governance

OmniEthics assists with the ethics governance process by providing transparency and visibility. It also supports parallel processing of ethics and governance applications, including site feasibility assessments.

Strategic Reporting

OmniEthics tracks every interaction within the system, from the review and approval stages of a research project to the post-approval activities. This makes reporting easy. With just a few clicks of the button you can access reports and compare data. This helps to drive operational improvements, inform strategic planning and monitor performance.

OmniEthics Empowers You!

One of the most innovative features of OmniEthics is how much it empowers you. It allows administrators to perform advanced changes through configuration controls and parameter settings; for example, add or change workflow, add or change data fields and add or change forms.

Need More Features? We've Got You Covered.

OmniEthics is part of our OmniStar COTS product suite, which also includes OmniResearch and OmniGrants. Our OmniStar products offer over 1,000 features that can be configured to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Think of it like 1,000 building blocks. You can pick and choose what blocks you need to build your perfect system.

Best of all, there is no additional cost to choose more features. That means by turning on more features, OmniEthics can easily become a research management system as well. This flexibility to change the system to suit your needs — as the environment around you changes — ensures your investment in OmniEthics is worth it today, tomorrow and also years from now.

Contact us to find out more about OmniEthics and how it can help you streamline ethics review.

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