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A Change in Grants Management is Here It's OmniGrants

Do you manage different parts of the grant life cycle or your research and development process through multiple systems or spreadsheets? Is it difficult to track down data about current and up-coming grant projects to present to Ministers, the Board of Directors and stakeholders? Are you struggling to make informed business decisions because you don’t have timely and accurate insights in to your grant projects? Do you wish your grant management process was more transparent, sophisticated and efficient?

The future in online grants management systems is here and it’s called OmniGrants.

Purpose Built to Manage the Entire Grant Life Cycle

OmniGrants is purpose built to manage the entire grant life cycle online, from conception to application through to evaluation. And in the case of research grants or when the grant requires project management, OmniGrants is much more than just an online grants management system; it is a business system capable of managing every aspect of the research, development and extension process. That’s because OmniGrants’ sophisticated and intelligent project management capabilities integrate every stage of the grant application, research, development and extension process, which provides complete life cycle transparency and accountability.

Our Online Grants Management System Experience the Difference

Life Cycle Transparency and Accountability

OmniGrants integrates information across all phases of the grant life cycle and tracks every interaction with researchers, staff, milestones and more. You can easily find and group data, providing information for decision making.

Enhanced Reporting and Intelligence

OmniGrants comes with advanced reporting capabilities, incl. a configurable and customisable dashboard, ad-hoc reporting and predefined reporting, as well as advanced search and filtering tools. 

Prepopulated Multistage Applications

OmniGrants provides an intelligent grant application process. It prepopulates information in subsequent grant application stages using information from the previous stage. Forms also support a range of modern features. 

Visibility for Applicants

OmniGrants allows grant seekers who have submitted an application to log on and view how far it has progressed. Once grant funding has been awarded, successful applicants can see information about funds and obligations.

Superior Relationship Management

OmniGrants allows you to categorise people, researchers and institutions with meaningful classifications to help you identify the right person or target audience to contact, when needed. This helps deliver excellent customer service.

Offline Forms Capability

OmniGrants allows Grant Forms, Progress Reports and Final Reports to be downloaded and then populated without network connectivity. These forms/ reports are synchronised when connectivity is available again. 

Effortless ANAO Compliance

OmniGrants provides a full audit log on all records, contracts, projects, grant applications, evaluations and more, providing peace of mind the funds granted are being expended in accordance with legislative requirements.

Industry Standard Integration

OmniGrants has the ability to integrate with your external services, automating tasks and improving efficiencies. Some of the systems OmniGrants supports include SharePoint, TRIM, MYOB, QuickBooks, and many more.  

Easy Communication with Applicants and Stakeholders

OmniGrants makes communicating with applicants and stakeholders from one central point simple. You can easily schedule and send bulk emails and newsletters. 


“The CRC chose OmniStar mainly for the key features of collaborative design and disseminated workflow access. It was critical to have a system that reduced overheads by capturing information at the source with key collaborators providing and accessing information which is correct and up to date. Working with F1 we were able to convert our manual word and spreadsheet research proposal call to a standardised online template that reflected exactly what we needed. Being a cloud solution, research organisations were able to load the required information directly into Omnistar and make subsequent changes before submission removing a great deal of CRC effort from the process. This in turn allowed our Research Adoption Committee to access the detailed proposal information by simply logging in which saved an enormous amount of administration time. We look forward to taking advantage of the project management and reporting functionality to simplify and streamline our processes further. Being a CRC it is all about doing the business smarter.”

Mark Flick
Soil CRC

An Online Grants Management System that Provides Great Value for Money

OmniGrants license fee includes an all-inclusive monthly fee that is very affordable. Inclusions in the monthly fee are secure cloud hosting, license, support and maintenance. We also upgrade OmniGrants for FREE every time a new version becomes available and, better yet, we do all the work for you.

Forget about costly upgrade fees for your grant management system. Forget about the impact of upgrading your grants management system on other systems it interacts with. And forget about reworking extensions and customisations every time you upgrade. That’s one of the many benefits of OmniGrants.

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