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An Integrated Research Management System For the Whole Research Life-Cycle

OmniResearch manages every aspect of research information, from ethics review to grant management, from research governance to scholarship management, and from candidature management to managing clinical trials.

This silo-less approach to managing research provides institutions with huge benefits. Imagine visibility into every activity associated with a research project and endless reporting possibilities.

Watch the video below to see how OmniResearch is unlike any other Research Management System on the market.

Our Research Management System is Perfect for You

OmniResearch is part of our OmniStar COTS product suite, which also includes OmniGrants and OmniEthics. It is an out-of-the-box solution but with a difference.

It has over 1,000 features you can configure to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Think of it like 1,000 building blocks. You can pick and choose which blocks you want to build the perfect system. This also means OmniResearch can change as you do. Simply remove the features you no longer need or add new features to support your organisation’s changing needs.

This makes OmniResearch the perfect solution for today, tomorrow and also years from now.

We're the First Research Management System to Integrate with HREA

Did you know it is our OmniEthics product that powers the National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) Human Research Ethics Application (HREA)? This means all our OmniStar products can easily integrate with HREA. In fact, OmniResearch was the first research management system to integrate with NHMRC’s HREA.

We make life easy by pulling data from the HREA application process and auto-populating data across subsequent applications and documents. This has many benefits, including minimising duplication of data entry, saving time, saving resources and minimising errors.

Watch the HREA integration demo below


“Our relationship with F1 Solutions has been productive, professional and consultative. We have never been in any doubt as to what to expect and when to expect it. No question was left unanswered and no problem was too big or small to deal with.”

Change in Research Management is Here Experience the Difference

Application Creation & Submission

Intelligent application process powered by best in class SmartForms technology. Intuitive and efficient user experience. Collaborative application development. Profile management. Two-way communication facilitates self-service reducing costs.

Research Governance

Decision actions & supporting documents stored. Detailed tamper proof audit log stores before/after records. Data access via self-help adhoc reporting. Risks/Issues function. Trigger based notification. Financial & contractual management.

Grants Management

For more info see OmniGrants. Pre-award: Funding identification; proposal development & submission. Post-award: Contract mgmt; pymt sched, milestone deliverables & approval, contract variations; auto reminders; pymts/acquittals & budget forecast; user based adhoc reporting

Scholarship Management

Display available scholarships. Supporting documentation – rules/restrictions/limits/mutual exclusions. Intelligent application form. Review, decision & notification. Life-cycle management.

Ethics Compliance and Governance

For more info see OmniEthics. OmniResearch and OmniEthics are members of OmniStar family. By “turning on” OmniEthics features, OmniResearch inherits OmniEthics functionality

Open Access Support

Uses open standards based interface. Interfaces with FMIS, EDRMS, HR and systems that support open standard interface. Allows external systems access to data via open standards interface. Supports open standards data export and import.

Additional Functionality

And we still haven't covered all the functionality available in OmniResearch. So if you want to know more give us a call today!

Benefit from Industry Advances With Every Update

OmniResearch is great value for money. Not only do we offer our research management system for an all-inclusive monthly fee, but we offer upgrades for free (and we do all the work for you).

This is quite an innovative licensing agreement, and one that offers big benefits to you. Every time advancement is made in the system, every time a new feature is added, we update OmniResearch free of charge. This ensures as the industry around you changes your technology evolves with it.

Included in our monthly license fee is secure cloud hosting, license, support, maintenance and upgrades.

OmniResearch is the Perfect Solution From Universities to Government

OmniResearch has the capacity to manage large-scale, multi-site research projects right down to small, on-site research projects.

This makes it the perfect research management system for universities, teaching/research hospitals, private research organisations, regulatory institutions and government. 

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