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20 Sep 2018

Save money with these 6 environmentally friendly changes


More and more individuals are acting in an environmentally conscious manner. This ranges from refusing single use straws in their cocktails to taking reusable bags with them when they go shopping. Taking simple steps to conduct business in the same manner can increase staff morale and build brand loyalty whilst reducing costs.

Below are some useful ways that your business can save money whilst limiting the impact we have on our environment.

1. Go paperless

The age-old refrain of ‘consider the environment before printing this email’ is not the only way you can go about reducing your business’s paper consumption. Alter some of your paper-based processes to make them as digital as possible. OneNote, available with your O365 subscription, can replace traditional notebooks and digital storage of files saves you from allocating a filing room to reams of paper. This is not only cost saving but also a safer way to manage sensitive company information. Even better, if you sync it to the cloud you can have your notes with you no matter where you are.

2. Move to the cloud

By hosting your data in a ‘green’ cloud, you not only save money by not having to maintain servers, you will also be saving electricity.

3. Switch to LED lighting

LED bulbs use approximately 15 times less electricity than halogen lighting, significantly reducing a business’s power bills as well as their carbon footprint.

4. Get some plants for the office

Plants help to purify the air and process out pollutants. Without plants, air conditioners work harder to keep the air clean costing more in power. According to a 2015 study by the University of Queensland, indoor plants also improve moods and increase productivity.

5. Manage your waste thoughtfully

Most rubbish removal companies have recycling options and recycling waste can be up to 50% cheaper than tipping in landfill. Install a recycling and compost bin in your office and reduce your waste removal costs whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

6. Consider environmentally friendly merchandise

When looking at branded gifts. For example, instead of buying ceramic mugs, consider a branded travel mug. Although KeepCups may incur a larger upfront cost, they are more enduring and will get more exposure than traditional ceramic mugs. They are also great for the environment and are an excellent brand awareness tool for your business!



Here are some state bodies that offer fantastic resources to help you make eco-friendly changes.


Small changes like the ones listed here can make a big difference to your bottom line and help protect our precious environment! Talk to us about how you can go green and reduce costs with Office 365 and Cloud Hosting. Contact Us today!

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