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7 Apr 2020

As people adjust to social distancing and ‘working-from-home’ becomes the new normal, we are frequently asked what the platform to use to provide video conferencing, file sharing and collaboration. Typically, the choice comes down to between Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Organisations need to understand that the decisions they make around business communication and collaboration tools can impact their company today, positively, and sometimes negatively.

While the usage of Zoom and Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed, Zoom is a potential security risk to the organisation as it opens the door to hacking. According to Matthew Hickey of cybersecurity firm Hacker House and ITNews, hackers can inject a link which will expose the Windows username, domain name or computer name if clicked and, more concerningly, a hashed version of their password. Additionally, over the last few weeks, various malicious attackers have exploited a Zoom screen-sharing feature to hijack meetings and do things like interrupt educational sessions or post white supremacist messages to a webinar on anti-Semitism — a phenomenon called “Zoombombing”


Microsoft Teams: Next Generation Video Conferencing

At F1 Solutions we are all about ‘Good Technology’ that will keep you safe. That is why we recommend Microsoft Teams. Teams is a secure, enterprise grade, fully integrated video conferencing, communication and collaboration platform and here is why:

KEY FEATURES:                                                                                                       

Secure video and voice calls                                                                                    

  • End-to-end enterprise grade encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Built-in security, compliance and management tools to streamline IT security
  • Advanced data protection capabilities
  • Granular access and security controls


  • Host meetings, presentations and events for users anywhere in the world
  • Provide a high-quality interactive video experience for up to 10,000 participants\
  • Easy access to documents and data stored within Office 365
  • Record meetings and calls so no-one misses out

 Instant messaging

  • Connect instantly with team members across locations and devices
  • Private one-on-one chat-based messaging
  • Group chat-based messaging with access controls
  • Minimise email volumes between team members
  • Enable team members to work more flexibly
  • Easy-to-read conversation windows with a complete chat history visible
  • Seamless toggling between chat, voice calls, video calls and screen sharing
  • Receive and customise alerts for chat-based messages
  • Access GIFs, stickers and emojis to support team culture and communication


  • Work flexibly by accessing Teams on the device that suits – phone, tablet or laptop
  • Enjoy a seamless user experience, with Teams versions optimised for different devices
  • Switch between devices without hassles or delays
  • Experience high-quality video and audio from any device
  • View, edit and collaborate on documents in real-time from any device


For more information on Microsoft Teams and the benefits of using it, call our customer friendly team on 1300 F1HELP (1300 314 357)