As we work through the effects of COVID-19, F1 Solutions would like to assure you that our current professional and hosting services are and will continue to operate. As we are assisting many of our clients with rapidly establishing remote working arrangements, we are experiencing higher than usual call volumes on our support phone lines. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging and critical time.

When All Seems Lost Enter Cloud Backup

Cloud backup software plays an important role in a company’s disaster recovery. Maybe the disaster is you accidently deleted a really important file (that’s the number one reason our clients call us for help), or maybe your system has been hit by a malicious virus that’s wiped out all your files. Or maybe even files have been intentionally deleted by a disgruntled employee. Whatever the disaster, cloud backup software saves the day when important files are lost.

Sending Files to the Cloud How Online Backup Works

In the most simple of terms, cloud backup occurs when your files are backed up over your existing Internet connection to a secure data centre. In fact, you don’t even “send” them to the cloud. After some initial planning and setting up, your data is automatically backed up at pre-determined, scheduled times. That’s why they say “set and forget” with cloud backup, because you won’t need to do a thing once it is up and running.

From Accidents to Viruses and Theft Safeguard Your Business

Accidentally Deleting Files

Do you hate that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you accidently delete a really important file? With cloud back those files are never lost forever. We can easily restore the most recently saved version.

Viruses Damaging Files

Imagine turning on your computer and a virus had wiped everything. How would you ever recover? Truth is, most businesses don’t and go out of business. No wonder why clients are so relieved when we can restore all their backed up files.

Intentional Deletion or Damage to Files

Cloud backup doesn’t just protect you from outsiders stealing or damaging your files, it also protects you from disgruntled employees intentionally deleting or damaging files. Cloud backup allows you to quickly restore the last saved version.

Natural Disasters

If a natural disaster strikes, the last thing you want to worry about is your business’s data. With the protection of cloud backup, you can be back up and running as soon as you’re ready to reopen for business.

To Keep Your Data Safe We Use Asigra Enterprise Cloud Backup

We can appreciate in today’s connected world there are concerns for the security of your data and files. That’s why we use Asigra’s enterprise backup software as our backup solution. Asigra is renowned for its award-winning enterprise backup and recovery software that leads the industry in secure, reliable and affordable data protection. Since 1986, Asigra has been trusted by over a million customers. During that time it has had zero security breaches, so you can have peace of mind knowing your data is safe.

It is also worth mentioning our IRAP certified, enterprise grade, Tier 1 data centre is highly secure with market leading security solutions. 

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