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We understand that our Sydney customers want to manage their businesses as efficiently as possible. For this reason, we have created F1 Solutions Advantage infrastructure support packages which offer the most streamlined IT Support Sydney has to offer. The F1 Solutions Advantage plan manages all IT resources, systems, platforms, people and environments. Most importantly, we manage IT safety, so that you can feel confident in your IT security.

F1 Solutions Advantage packages aim to deliver the most reliable managed IT services in Sydney, working to bring your organisation’s vision to life by addressing IT infrastructure management demands. The superior IT services that you can access through F1 Solutions Advantage allow for better forecasting, budgeting, cash flow management and risk management. We offer a range of plans and localised IT Support in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Townsville.

F1 Solutions Advantage support plans entail a flexible, all-in-one IT solution designed to remove your business’ administration cost and effort. The service we offer is simple; our capable team will handle your IT requirements and implement a smart and safe solution. The most flexible IT solutions Sydney offers can be found at F1 Solutions. An F1 Solutions Advantage plan can be adapted to individual company requirements and offers Sydney’s most competitive managed IT services in a simple flat per-user rate.

Technology does more in your Sydney organisation than you realise

91% of employees believe that the technology a company selects is a reflection of the company. In fact, poor workplace technology is why over 25% of professionals are likely to terminate their employment. Ageing devices and software, licensing obligations and a lack of procurement control add to modern business challenges and complexities.

F1 Solutions Advantage is here to address and manage these growing challenges for you. F1 Solutions empowers your company with the most modern, sophisticated IT solutions Sydney can offer. The current systems and software enhance operational capabilities daily. Select a Sydney IT assistance plan that suits your requirements, and we will help you streamline your IT desktop and service requirements.

If you’re ready to future proof your organisation, F1 Solutions provides the best support Sydney has to offer to help your organisation operate more efficiently and effectively.

Remarkable track record

F1 Solutions Advantage has provided managed services offerings since 1996 and enjoy a wealth of knowledge and experience and regularly share advice around best practice.

No lock-in contracts

Our flat per user fee, means you can scale up and down as you need too. We also promise no lock in contracts, so you can cancel or change your F1 Solutions Advantage IT service plan, at any time.

Aussie support, when you need it

We understand the importance of receiving support when you need it. Thats why we keep our support team on shore. Our friendly Australian helpdesk team are here to ensure you have no down time. We offer localised support in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and the surrounding regions.

Flexible and scalable product offering

Pick and choose the F1 Solutions Advantage managed solution to meet your business needs. We can create a custom plan, tailored to best - fit your unique IT needs. We can provide services ranging from, helpdesk support, to managed devices, and hardware, to cloud services.

Confidence of cloud services

F1 Solutions Advantage is a class-leading cloud specialist. As an AWS Select Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner, we enable flexibility, scalability and reliability.

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Every organisation can benefit from the F1 Solutions Advantage Sydney package. Let us help you build a prosperous enterprise with better technology.

$96 p/user
$145 p/user
$205 p/user
Microsoft 365 & Office Suite
Email Protection and Management
Helpdesk Support
Endpoint Security
Fully Managed Endpoint Devices
(desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles)
Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
Dedicated Account Management
Cyber Security as a Service
Vulnerability Scanning and Patching
Cybersecurity Testing and Training
Dark Web Monitoring
Windows AutoPilot
Password Management
Server and Network Monitoring
Antivirus Protection
Internet and Email
Network Support
Cloud Backup Management and Testing
Monthly Maintenance Reports
Scheduled Onsite Visits
Yearly Strategic Plans
Yearly Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Test
Yearly Cyber Security Policy Review
$96 p/user
$145 p/user
$205 p/user
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Take advantage of enterprise solutions

F1 Solutions Advantage Enterprise is a comprehensive managed IT service plan made for companies with on-premise server, network infrastructure and hybrid facilities that requires proactive and continuous maintenance. Working with Sydney enterprises, our services monitor fundamental IT infrastructure around the clock and execute precautionary maintenance.

The purpose of F1 Solutions Advantage solution is to identify and resolve problems before they can affect your business through constant management of your servers and networks.

Reducing downtime allows companies to focus on growth and profitability rather than resolving ongoing IT issues. We’ll tailor the F1 Solutions' Enterprise package to suit the unique requirements of your organisation.

Server monitoring & management

Network monitoring & support

Backup & disaster recovery

Antivirus protection

Internet & email protection

F1 Advantage Security Logo F1 Advantage Security Logo

Our security advantage

Good technology should protect your organisation. The F1 Solutions Advantage Security cybersecurity health check is a powerful technology audit that embodies everything about IT that Sydney businesses trust: safety, flexibility and adaptability. The F1 Solutions Advantage Security cybersecurity health check is a powerful technology audit that is an essential IT requirement for all organisations, particularly with recent changes in working and the transition of remote working in the modern workplace. Created by leaders in security best-practice who have performed security assessments on companies such as AWS, the F1 Solutions' Security Advantage cybersecurity health check analyses various crucial areas of technology to supply enterprises with an in-depth report of cyber security and safety.

  • Antivirus configuration
  • Virtual Private Network capability
  • Backup process and tools
  • Restriction of administrative privileges
  • Patching of applications
  • Patching of operating systems
  • Microsoft Office macros protection
  • User application hardening

Frequently asked questions

F1 Solutions was founded with one goal in mind: to make our client’s lives simpler, better and richer through the highest quality IT assistance in Sydney. We provide managed IT solutions that consistently extend above and beyond our client’s expectations. We empower enterprises with leading technology and infrastructure that proactively monitor and maintain IT operations for our clients. The advanced systems and specialist IT experts at F1 Solutions alleviate IT pressures from your company and improve productivity through reduced downtime and wasted resources.

The best managed IT solutions can be found at F1 Solutions. Our management services are focussed on providing outstanding support, user and device management and world-class security to keep your organisation safe. These focus areas ensure all IT systems consistently reach their peak performance capabilities. We take time to understand our client’s requirements, adapt, and drive positive transformation.

For over 25 years, F1 Solutions has provided leading IT support to government agencies, state health bodies, leading universities, corporates, SMEs and not-for-profits. Our breadth of experience providing managed IT services for various Sydney industries where the protection of sensitive information is of utmost importance demonstrates our capabilities as secure IT service providers. Equipped with our modern and advanced technology offering better security for large corporations, F1 Solutions are well established as trusted technology partners.

Our solid software engineering core competencies include live monitoring, security patching and testing your organisations’ disaster recovery procedures. Our proactive management of IT software and systems empowers our clients’ growth and success. Our goal is to provide trusted quality managed IT solutions to corporations in Sydney. We customise F1 Solutions Advantage packages for each and every Sydney client, with unique adaptations to fulfil individual needs.

F1 Solutions enables direct access to highly skilled IT specialists at a fraction of the cost of resourcing an IT department in-house. We aim to simplify IT support by investing in the best and most innovative Australian talent and making IT solutions accessible to all corporations. Lead the pack with F1 Solutions.

As the digital landscape constantly evolves at an accelerated rate, the smartest decision Australian corporations can make is to engage with IT Support Sydney services that will keep up with your enterprise growth whilst keeping your company ahead of others. Partnering with an IT solution firm in Sydney means that you work with a team of specialists that improve operational efficiency and remove IT roadblocks in your corporation. Ultimately, partnering with F1 Solutions will keep your business at the forefront of your industry.

Our managed IT services in Sydney cover all aspects of support to ensure that you do not have to worry about anything out of your occupational scope. There are a plethora of reasons to consider a company to manage your IT requirements. Here are some of the most relevant benefits of working with F1 Solutions Advantage:

Enhanced security

In modern-day digital workplaces, security and compliance are everyday concerns for businesses of all sizes across all industries. Operating systems, desktops, tablets, and smartphones constantly store and communicate sensitive company data, rendering security within enterprises more important than ever. Engaging with an IT assistance provider in Sydney will vastly enhance security and compliance in the workplace. Cyber-attacks can cause serious damage to organisations, their clients, and their data. Cyber-attacks do not target large corporations exclusively – it can happen to medium and small businesses, and they can have lasting effects on your brand reputation and credentials. Managed IT services providers like F1 Solutions work to protect local Sydney organisations from security breaches, constantly monitoring systems so that a rapid solution is provided in the event of a cyber-attack.

Improved efficiency & reliability

Attempting to have your existing staff tackle IT issues is futile. Lack of knowledge and skill to undertake IT responsibility within a company will result in great inefficiency, waste of resources and can end up causing more complex issues if it’s not handled correctly.

A leading factor of companies that choose to onboard managed IT providers is improved workplace productivity and efficiency. F1 Solutions have dedicated specialists who manage proactive IT maintenance and improvements to help the business operate seamlessly.

Proactive approach to maintenance

The IT specialists at F1 Solutions proactively maintain IT systems and software to reduce the occurrence of downtime. In addition to IT issues being rapidly resolved, our expert team will implement measures to ensure that the organisation technology runs fluently.

Cost-effective and high ROI

The return on investment of implementing a trusted IT Support provider far outweighs the expense of engaging with one. The benefits of onboarding an IT provider to manage all technology concerns allow the freedom for an enterprise to scale. Our IT specialists provide a level of professionalism that an in-house IT team cannot match.

Tailored solutions

F1 Solutions believe in flexibility and understand that every corporation has unique IT requirements. If your business does not fit into one of the F1 Solutions Advantage plans, we’ll work with you to create a tailored solution to meet your needs. Our custom solutions range from helpdesk support to managed devices and hardware and cloud services.

Advanced technology

If you’re finding yourself and your colleagues bogged down by inadequate IT software and systems, it’s time for an upgrade. Investing in modern technology is the biggest advantage you can give your company through saved time and increased operational efficiency. F1 Solutions Advantage support plans provide a modern, industry-leading solution for organisations. Stop being hindered by out-of-date software; F1 Solutions Advantage plans can provide the IT solutions and software that your business needs.

Enterprises at every size will find quality workplace technology extremely advantageous. F1 Solutions manage IT operations, provide problem resolution, and proactively maintain IT infrastructure to improve your IT software and systems’ performance. Offloading IT resources to a capable company like F1 Solutions will help your company achieve its full potential.

Forget wasting time attempting to unravel complex IT issues and allocating headcount to IT resources. Allow the experts at F1 Solutions to manage the secure, simple, seamless rollout of an F1 Solutions Advantage plan. Removing IT resource and infrastructure management tension allows your company to focus on more important matters that will enable your business to grow.

The plan that your enterprise selects will determine the managed IT service inclusions. At F1 Solutions, we pride ourselves in our flexible technology that can be customised to the IT infrastructure and systems your company has established. Depending on the plan chosen for our managed services, our plans cover, but are not limited to:

  • Office 365
  • Cloud backup
  • Antispam protection
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
  • Industry-leading antivirus
  • Desktop Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Enhanced endpoint protection
  • Endpoint device encryption
  • Windows AutoPilot
  • Windows-10 Business licensing
  • Unlimited cloud email archive
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server monitoring & management
  • Cloud migration
  • Virtual Private Network capability
  • Backup process and tools
  • Patching of applications and operating systems
  • Microsoft Office macros protection
  • User application hardening

F1 Solution’s IT support services in Sydney start at $65 per user. However, pricing will vary as a result of our ability to entirely tailor the F1 Solutions Advantage packages for each of our clients, their current IT infrastructure and additional support requirements. Once customised, F1 Solutions offer a fixed fee per user, with no hidden costs. When you work with F1 Solutions, you can expect to receive the most reliable managed IT services the city of Sydney has to offer and unrestricted access to tailored IT solutions for your business.

Getting ready for growth? We’ll scale with you. The F1 Solutions Advantage flat per-user fee allows our clients to scale up or down on a month-to-month basis. From Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to comprehensive IT enterprise management, we’ll create a plan that meets all of your business requirements. Equipped with the most adaptable IT solutions Sydney offers and no lock-in contracts, F1 Solutions have got you sorted.

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Karinya House

Karinya House, a not-for-profit organisation provides supported accommodation and outreach services to pregnant and parenting women in crisis, and their children. Learn about how F1 Solutions worked with Karinya House to help the organisation define its needs and provided a roadmap for the IT upgrade.

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