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F1 Solutions managed IT services in Canberra offers a collection of packages that streamline managing IT support and technology within a variety of businesses. F1 Solutions will manage all of a company’s IT resources, systems, platforms, people and environments, so that you, the owner, can get back to doing what matters most – running a successful company in Canberra.

Essentially, the F1 Solutions Advantage is a collection of IT Support Canberra plans that businesses can trust to deliver comprehensive assistance to optimise and streamline the operational technology in your company. We’ll provide constant monitoring, proactive maintenance and efficient solutions for all IT problems faced by the average Canberra business. F1 Solutions Advantage plans are a cost-effective, efficient investment that ultimately saves your business money, time and resources. Rely on the experts at F1 Solutions for leading IT Support in Canberra.

F1 Solutions Advantage operates on a simple flat-per-user rate for IT Support plans to enterprises in Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Townsville. The F1 Solutions Advantage plans are fully customisable and will help you achieve your business goals by taking charge of your business IT support.

The purpose of F1 Solutions Advantage plans is to minimise administrative and resource expenses by offering the most advanced IT support available in Canberra. F1 Solutions Advantage delivers consistent forecasting, budgeting, cash flow and risk management. The F1 Solutions Advantage plan selected for your Canberra-based company will deliver consistent, proactive and scalable managed IT services.

The value of great technology in Canberra

Break free from the constraints of clunky IT systems that slow down your business operations. Research has proven that the vast majority (91%) of employees believe the IT their business chooses, is an accurate reflection of the company itself. At F1 Solutions, we equip your business with leading IT Support Canberra deliverables and solutions to manage your IT infrastructure, to ensure that your business is consistently up to date with modern technology.

Between ageing devices, old software, and the requirements of licensing, it’s no wonder that employee turnover is statistically higher in organisations that have outdated resources. Set the standard in your workplace and industry by engaging with one of the leading IT companies in Canberra. Working with government bodies, federal agencies and large non-for-profits across Canberra and Australia, F1 Solutions have proven time and time again that they are the market leaders in IT support and software solutions. The F1 Solutions Advantage plans offer exceptional business IT support in Canberra that goes above and beyond the average operational technology scope with state-of-the-art IT services.

Remarkable track record

F1 Solutions Advantage has provided managed services offerings since 1996 and enjoy a wealth of knowledge and experience and regularly share advice around best practice.

No lock-in contracts

Our flat per user fee, means you can scale up and down as you need too. We also promise no lock in contracts, so you can cancel or change your F1 Solutions Advantage IT service plan, at any time.

Aussie support, when you need it

We understand the importance of receiving support when you need it. Thats why we keep our support team on shore. Our friendly Australian helpdesk team are here to ensure you have no down time. We offer localised support in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and the surrounding regions.

Flexible and scalable product offering

Pick and choose the F1 Solutions Advantage managed solution to meet your business needs. We can create a custom plan, tailored to best - fit your unique IT needs. We can provide services ranging from, helpdesk support, to managed devices, and hardware, to cloud services.

Confidence of cloud services

F1 Solutions Advantage is a class-leading cloud specialist. As an AWS Select Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner, we enable flexibility, scalability and reliability.

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Are you ready to future-proof your business by investing in better technology? Check out the full range of IT Canberra solutions available.

$96 p/user
$145 p/user
$205 p/user
Microsoft 365 & Office Suite
Email Protection and Management
Helpdesk Support
Endpoint Security
Fully Managed Endpoint Devices
(desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles)
Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
Dedicated Account Management
Cyber Security as a Service
Vulnerability Scanning and Patching
Cybersecurity Testing and Training
Dark Web Monitoring
Windows AutoPilot
Password Management
Server and Network Monitoring
Antivirus Protection
Internet and Email
Network Support
Cloud Backup Management and Testing
Monthly Maintenance Reports
Scheduled Onsite Visits
Yearly Strategic Plans
Yearly Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Test
Yearly Cyber Security Policy Review
$96 p/user
$145 p/user
$205 p/user
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The IT support Canberra enterprises can rely on

F1 Solutions provide leading IT Support services seamlessly tailored to organisations, whether they are big enterprises or small organisations. F1 Solutions Advantage plans are flexible, agile and can be altered to organisations with on-site servers, network and hybrid infrastructure. For exceptional IT services Canberra that deliver continuous assistance and proactive maintenance, you can trust F1 Solutions.

If your Canberra-based enterprise relies on technology to enable daily operations, it’s time to invest in reliable IT support with the F1 Solutions Advantage. The 24-hour IT support and maintenance F1 Solutions Advantage delivers the IT provisions needed for sophisticated security, identifying and resolving any issues before impacting your enterprise.

Server monitoring & management

Network monitoring & support

Backup & disaster recovery

Antivirus protection

Internet & email protection

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Our security advantage

At F1 Solutions, we firmly believe that the right technology can empower significant change in any organisation for the better. If you’re ready to grow your Canberra business, you must consider protecting your business systems with excellent IT support and infrastructure security. The F1 Solutions Advantage plans offer superior security with a cybersecurity health check and constant proactive monitoring. Trust the specialist IT Canberra providers to future-proof your organisation. The Cybersecurity health check is a core feature of F1 Solutions. The audit delivers a thorough report of your company’s current security standards and identifies areas of improvement to enhance your organisation’s security. The health check is created by leaders in cybersecurity best practices in Canberra who have worked with organisations such as the AWS. Ultimately, the F1 Solutions delivers secure, smart and safe solutions for your organisation.

  • Antivirus configuration
  • Virtual Private Network capability
  • Backup process and tools
  • Restriction of administrative privileges
  • Patching of applications
  • Patching of operating systems
  • Microsoft Office macros protection
  • User application hardening

Frequently asked questions

F1 Solutions have been in the IT solutions and software industry for more than 25 years. The leadership team are recognised for outstanding thought leadership in their respective industries. The managers have all successfully transformed enterprises through technology, including various Canberra companies, government departments and Australian not-for-profits.

F1 Solutions Advantage aims to create and deliver the most reliable IT support and management services to businesses across Australia. F1 Solutions grants access to advanced IT systems, management systems and IT experts with an extensive background in IT support in Canberra. F1 Solutions are industry leaders who are here to help your business maximise potential.

Delivering flexible and reliable solutions, F1 Solutions gives you full control over IT expenditure and procurement. The F1 Solutions Advantage enables live monitoring, security monitoring and updates, testing, disaster management solutions for IT support. Growing businesses need to be able to rely on their technology infrastructure and support systems. You can deliver the confidence and peace of mind by trusting your technology and procedures with the experts. Our energised, proactive approach provides robust, seamless solutions for enterprises across all of Canberra.

F1 Solutions services start at only $65 per user. We believe in delivering services that can adapt and mould as a business grows. As such, we provide F1 Solutions Advantage IT Support plans at a fair, fixed per-user rate with no hidden fees or lock-in contracts. The result is that your business can grow without spending a fortune on managed IT services in Canberra.

Each package at F1 Solutions Advantage is adaptable to meet the individual requirements of your company. We operate flexibly to ensure that we deliver the best managed IT services the city of Canberra has to offer, as well as arming your team with infrastructure, software and systems to transform your business.

We believe every Canberra-based business can foster long term success by investing in sophisticated managed IT services Canberra, such as the F1 Solutions Advantage. Not only do we think that companies can benefit from IT support services Canberra, but we have also engineered our service infrastructure so that we can adapt to small, medium, and large enterprises.

From minor IT roadblocks to managing company-wide security breaches, the experienced team at F1 Solutions will comprehensively manage your IT infrastructure to enable operational efficiency. The right technology is critical for enabling business transformation and growth. Choose F1 Solutions Advantage to enhance your business today.

Cost-effective IT solution

The F1 Solutions Advantage packages are a cost-effective solution at a flat-per-user rate for business support. The benefit of having a third party manage IT support and infrastructure can help to reduce outgoing expenses and delivers a quick return on investment. Without the stress of resourcing and managing an internal IT support team, your business can grow freely.

Improved reliability of IT support

When you invest in the best managed IT service in Canberra has to offer, you open your business to better data management, increased productivity, reduced downtime, and increased technology systems reliability. The professionals at F1 Solutions have encountered numerous IT solutions and can reliably deliver a resolution to any problems faced. Whilst managing an internal team may seem like a more cost-effective solution to begin with, in the long term, it can result in wasted resources, an increase in downtime, and systems that are not entirely secure.

When you engage with F1 Solutions, you can be confident in secure, reliable and resilient operational technology for your Canberra company. F1 Solutions Advantage plans offer modern assistance that can securely manage many aspects of your business, IT and technology. We can effectively solve all complicated matters involving your business technology.

Superior security

One non-negotiable aspect of IT that all growing businesses across Canberra must consider is data, information and storage security. Without addressing these matters, corporations risk exposure to vicious cyber-attacks that can seriously damage your company’s credibility and reputation. Protect and future-proof your enterprise from cybersecurity attacks, viruses, online threats, and operational malfunctions with the continuous support and proactive management you can find in an F1 Solutions Advantage plan.

If you’re operating a modern business in Canberra, whether it be a small or large enterprise, technology is likely empowering your daily operations. That’s why it’s so important to have a secure, reliable IT infrastructure in place from the get-go so that your organisation can continue to grow in parallel with your teams.

Even if you have access to tech-savvy people on your teams, the overall maintenance and troubleshooting of complex IT systems are time-consuming. Don’t let IT roadblocks get in the way of running an efficient, profitable business. When you engage with a managed IT services provider such as F1 Solutions, we’ll take care of the administration, maintenance and problem resolution around the clock.

Our managed IT services plans cover all aspects of IT infrastructure and systems, no matter how complex or advanced. Working with F1 Solutions Advantage removes technology stresses and provides quality support from experienced professionals for your Canberra-based business. We’ll do the work in the background while your team dedicates their efforts to improve operational efficiency. Become a more productive, efficient, and robust organisation with F1 Solutions.

The inclusions with F1 Solutions Advantage will depend on the plan you select for your business. Plans are flexible, and there are no lock-in contracts with F1 Solutions Advantage, so if you choose the wrong one for you, we can adjust it almost immediately. The F1 Solutions Advantage plans are custom engineered to manage nearly every IT infrastructure. Depending on the plan your business selects, our managed IT Canberra services include (but are not limited to):

  • Office 365
  • Cloud backup
  • Antispam protection
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
  • Industry-leading antivirus
  • Desktop Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Enhanced endpoint protection
  • Endpoint device encryption
  • Windows AutoPilot
  • Windows-10 Business licensing
  • Unlimited cloud email archive
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server monitoring & management
  • Cloud migration
  • Virtual Private Network capability
  • Backup process and tools
  • Patching of applications and operating systems
  • Microsoft Office macros protection
  • User application hardening

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Don't just take our word for it

 Pacific Fusion Centre
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Pacific Fusion Centre

Learn how F1 Solutions assisted PFC (Pacific Fusion Centre) in minimising the use of on-site hardware, provide security for commercially sensitive data, protect the digital environment from threats and attacks and facilitate remote support.

Karinya House
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Karinya House

Karinya House, a not-for-profit organisation provides supported accommodation and outreach services to pregnant and parenting women in crisis, and their children. Learn about how F1 Solutions worked with Karinya House to help the organisation define its needs and provided a roadmap for the IT upgrade.

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
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National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation

Improving the quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities