About PFC

The Pacific Fusion Centre (PFC), supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), aggregates, analyses and disseminates information from multiple sources to equip Pacific decision makers to better identify and respond to the broad scope of regional security threats. PFC’s main areas of focus include transnational crime, climate security, human security, cyber security and environmental and resource security.

What was the challenge?

PFC required an agile solution supporting a temporary office located in Canberra, which would then be relocated to a Pacific Island nation simply and with low risk. The solution had to minimise the use of on-site hardware, provide security for commercially sensitive data, protect the digital environment from threats and attacks and facilitate remote support. The IT services would also need to support administrative and external communication activities.

PFC required a managed services provider that understood the project’s various intricacies and unique requirements. It required an IT partner that understood the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’. It was crucial for F1 Solutions to not only build an effective IT solution but to also implement a strategic IT framework that aligned with PFC’s organisational goals.

The benefits for PFC

F1 Solutions provided mission-critical, centralised IT systems, managed services solutions, cloud solutions and supporting infrastructure. This meant that even during a disruption as major as the COVID-19 crisis, as well as serious weather events, PFC systems were protected and available.

Managed in the cloud, PFC’s digital assets could operate anywhere and at any time. They were fully scalable and easily customisable as the organisation’s remit and responsibilities developed and grew.

Importantly, as with all good technology, users and stakeholders were engaged by the new systems.


Creating a scalable IT solution that can adjust with the growth or compliance needs of the business

Enhanced security

From user error to cyber attacks, the threats facing PFC were no longer a critical danger to the business


Enabling rapid accessibility and improved responsiveness with on-the-fly provisioning and change management

Improved customer satisfaction

Fewer interruptions for IT-related issues and faster provisioning when requirements change

Increased efficiencies

Major cost savings from lowered operating costs and reduced software licensing footprint

Up-to-date Security

Implementing security and controls that proactively maintained

A unique solution

F1 Solutions’ IT offering comprised the following major components:

  • Agile and responsive delivery to meet the immediate need for IT services in Canberra
  • Head office located in Canberra for face-to-face engagement
  • Responsive, local help desk
  • Provision of exceptional, long-term partnership service
  • Component redundancy included to facilitate effective remote support
  • Provision of IT services for a temporary PFC office in Canberra

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