One cannot deny that technology is an integral part of our daily business activities. As such, a dedicated team of IT professionals, whether in-house or outsourced, play an indispensable role in supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes. IT professionals are responsible for managing several business functions, from helping staff with day-to-day technical support issues to using their expertise to plan and strategise for the future. 

There are many ways to manage new technologies and workflows. Some organisations believe it is best to invest in a well-equipped In-house IT team to provide for their day-to-day operations. While on the other hand, some organisations may not have the ability to resource internal IT systems and support tasks and, therefore, outsource their requirements to a third-party service provider known as a managed service provider or MSP.

Whether you decide to build and maintain your own in-house IT department or outsource your IT requirements to an MSP, it is essential for you first to gain a clear understanding of various factors, such as the nature of your business requirements, the pros and cons of each approach, and so on. 

Is it a smart idea to outsource your IT needs? 

We all wish to make the most accurate business decisions, and however, it’s not always possible. Finding yourself in a situation where you must choose between two equally good alternatives is the toughest. Similarly, it can be extremely tricky for organisations to decide between building an in-house IT department vs. outsourcing to a managed services provider, as each brings its own set of pros and cons.

Before picking either option, there are some basic questions you could answer to assess your business needs-

  • Is your current IT setup not providing you the desired results?
  • Do you invest in certifications and training for your IT employees regularly?
  • Are you facing the issue of low employee retention?
  • Are you looking to reduce costs related to managing IT?
  • Are you looking for flexible support options?
  • Do you need access to expertise not available in-house?
  • Are you experiencing lower productivity issues?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of the above questions, there could not be a better time to make the big decision to outsource your IT needs. 

The benefits of MSP vs. In House Support 

In this section talks through the important considerations between working with a managed service provider vs. an In-house team. Providing with you some new insights to help you choose wisely between an In-house IT team and managed services provider or MSP depending on your business needs.

  • Cost:

Building an in-house IT department can prove extremely costly. Apart from regular rental, remuneration, and hardware, software purchase costs, there are several hidden costs involved, such as expenses related to employee turnover, overtime, ineffective IT support, and so on.

Similarly, engaging an MSP provider removes the need to pay for salaries, superannuation, rent for bigger office spaces, plus supplies, equipment, and more. MSPs take care of all your IT needs by generally charging you a fixed flat fee monthly, which might be a more cost-effective option for your business. 

  • Knowledge & Expertise:

Your In-house IT staff may specialise in a handful of areas in technology; thus, you cannot expect them to know the answer to every question or to have the solutions to all your IT problems. It is challenging to find and recruit individuals who perfectly understand your business needs and bring all the expertise you require.

On the other hand, MSPs can provide you with access to a massive team of IT experts who can take care of all your IT problems at any given time. Working with MSPs can reduce the work required to evaluate and buy any technology-related product or service your business needs.

  • Response time:

You may have experienced situations when your In-house IT team was juggling various tasks simultaneously, such as providing technical support, understanding patches to run software updates, troubleshooting network issues, and so on. With so much on their plate, it is unrealistic to expect them to respond quickly to each IT issue or support ticket raised, and slower response times often result in business processes coming to a halt.

Organisations that rely on efficiently managed service providers for their IT systems and support receive quick round-the-clock service from their providers due to the availability of a large IT team.

  • Shortage of IT Staff:

To ensure all business activities run smoothly, organisations must hire, train, and retain a pool of talented professionals such as accountants, human resources specialists, admin managers, etc. Similarly, when it comes to technical tasks, you require access to the right people to manage the technology within your organisation.

With the ever-increasing demand for IT professionals across the globe, it is challenging to retain promising talent within the organisation. You are constantly surrounded by fear of them finding a more enticing alternative in terms of remuneration or project and leaving you halfway. However, when working with MSPs, you can focus entirely on your business activities without worrying about hiring and retaining in-house IT staff.

  • Flexibility: 

Managed services providers (MSPs) offer organisations the flexibility to scale up and down depending on their project or business requirements. This means MSPs can easily make changes to their service offering as per your business needs by allowing you to pick and choose the services and system you want to pay for.  

With an in-house IT department, this kind of flexibility is simply impossible to achieve as it is often difficult to reverse the decisions made regarding purchasing systems or other IT resources.

Importance of good IT support:

To run a successful business, you must be equipped with the most up-to-date technology as outdated technology decreases organisational productivity and increases downtime and costs. However, getting your hands on the latest technology is only the beginning. It requires the onboarding of well-trained subject matter experts who can quickly troubleshoot as and when issues arise, maintain and monitor systems and networks, update software, and help businesses function without interruptions.

Investing in technology is a big decision for any business; thus, giving your valuable resources in the right hands is essential. When efficient IT professionals manage technology, it can positively impact an organisation and produce exceptional results.

Simplify your IT with F1 Solutions

Outsourcing your tech needs will not only prove to be a wise economic choice for your business but will also reward you with the additional time you deserve to focus on accomplishing your business goals.

Hiring an efficient and reliable managed services provider (MSP) like F1 Solutions to look after your IT infrastructure can save you many valuable organisational resources. The most important is time and money.

Our managed IT services cover all aspects of support to ensure that you do not have to worry about anything out of your scope of work. We provide local and remote IT support across the country, tailoring our services to meet the demands of a wide variety of Australian businesses.  

We do not make lock-in contracts and pride ourselves in offering flexible solutions that can adapt to meet the needs of your IT systems. 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to discuss your IT requirements.

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