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What are the different types of cybersecurity threats?

A Cybersecurity threat refers to any action taken to exploit a vulnerability in the system with an intention to either cause harm to the system or steal valuable information from it.


What are the best ways to prevent Ransomware?

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Therefore, organisations must undertake protective measures to prevent any potential attacks.


How to identify a Phishing email?

Falling victim to a cybersecurity attack can seriously damage your business. F1 Solutions, as an experienced managed service provider, works to protect Australian businesses from security breaches or events, taking swift action in the event of an attack.


What does a managed service provider do?

Working with an IT support firm like F1 Solutions means relying on a team of professionals to improve operational efficiency and removing all of the IT roadblocks faced in running a business.


Everything you need to know about Cybersecurity risk assessment

Conducting an efficient risk assessment regularly is not only important for smooth day-to-day functioning but also saves the businesses’ funds and reputation from being tarnished in the long term.


Data Security for Small Businesses -Physical Protection

Physical security refers to procedures meant to safeguard IT assets such as facilities, equipment, employees, resources, and other things against physical harm and illegal physical access. It is often neglected in favour of more technical risks such as hacking, malware, and cyberespionage, However, it is important that organisations take Physical security seriously to protect themselves from theft, fires, burglary, vandalism, and terrorism. Individuals stealing information via transferring the data, as well as physically destroying IT assets, are two of the most common physical security risks. Learn how to increase the physical protection of IT assets in your organisation in this article.


Decoding Office 365 Pricing: Personal and Business

Office 365 offers a wide variety of plans. Exploring the many options and determining the best Office 365 Plan for your personal and/ or business use may be daunting. Understanding the various levels of plans available is the first step in determining which plan is best for you. Office Online, Home, Business, Enterprise, Education, Not for Profit are the major levels of Office 365. Whether you’re thinking of using Office in the cloud, or if you only want to learn more, keep reading to get a better understanding of the major Office 365 levels.


Decoding Office 365 Pricing: Enterprise, Education & NFP

Use this article as a guide as we take you through the different Enterprise plans’ features and distinctions, as well as provide an explanation of the Education plans and the plans offered by Microsoft to registered non-profits and charities.


The ABCs of Ransomware

You may have heard about the recent ransomware outbreaks throughout the world. You’ve probably thought something along the lines of “Do I need to do anything about this?”


Office 365 Migration Part One

With the growing usage of cloud computing, an increasing number of organisations are migrating to Office 365 for its cloud-based collaboration and communication features. If you are thinking of migrating to Office 365 read further to understand the different steps F1 Solutions undertook during its migration journey from Exchange services to Office 365.

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