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Our packages have been developed to streamline the process of IT support in Perth. F1 Solutions Advantage plans offers managed IT services and solutions, delivering comprehensive support for a wide range of applications. Working with F1 Solutions Advantage, you can relax knowing your company’s IT resources, systems, platforms, people and environments are in safe hands.

The F1 Solutions Advantage provides a thorough and extensive IT support Perth plan that ensures all aspects of your company’s technologies are optimised. Our streamlined managed IT services offer a cost-effective, efficient and time-saving resources for your Perth company to rely on. We are here to provide proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance, and expert solutions for any IT roadblocks faced, so you can get back to what matters most – running your business.

F1 Solutions Advantage plans deliver a wide range of customisable IT support packages to meet the needs of Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Townsville businesses. Our managed IT services are designed to minimise administrative and resource expenses coming out of your company’s pocket, by offering consistent forecasting, budgeting, cash flow and risk management.

Offered at a flat-per-user rate, the F1 Solutions Advantage plan for your Perth-based company delivers consistent, proactive, and scalable managed IT services. By managing all aspects of your IT infrastructure, we are here to help bring your Perth business vision to life.

The value of great technology

According to workplace research, more than 91% of employees consider their company’s technology choices to be an accurate reflection of the company itself. What’s more, over a quarter of professionals are willing to leave their jobs as a direct result of poor workplace technology.

Don’t let technology hold your company back. Between ageing devices, old software, the requirements of licensing and having very little control over acquisition, we understand how daunting it can be to manage your own IT infrastructure and devices. That’s why you’re calling the experts in. F1 Solutions Advantage plans offer exceptional IT support Perth and managed IT services to Perth companies that go above and beyond the average scope of operational technology. We are here to keep you ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge solutions, proactive monitoring and state-of-the-art IT systems.

Remarkable track record

F1 Solutions Advantage has provided managed services offerings since 1996 and enjoy a wealth of knowledge and experience and regularly share advice around best practice.

No lock-in contracts

Our flat per user fee, means you can scale up and down as you need too. We also promise no lock in contracts, so you can cancel or change your F1 Solutions Advantage IT service plan, at any time.

Aussie support, when you need it

We understand the importance of receiving support when you need it. That's why we keep our support team on shore. Our friendly Australian helpdesk team are here to ensure you have no down time. We offer localised support in Perth and the surrounding regions.

Flexible and scalable product offering

Pick and choose the F1 Solutions Advantage managed solution to meet your business needs. We can create a custom plan, tailored to best - fit your unique IT needs. We can provide services ranging from, helpdesk support, to managed devices, and hardware, to cloud services.

Confidence of cloud services

F1 Solutions Advantage is a class-leading cloud specialist. As an AWS Select Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner, we enable flexibility, scalability and reliability.

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If you’re ready to secure your business and prioritise technology within your company, check out the full range of IT Perth solutions available.

$96 p/user
$145 p/user
$205 p/user
Microsoft 365 & Office Suite
Email Protection and Management
Helpdesk Support
Endpoint Security
Fully Managed Endpoint Devices
(desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles)
Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
Dedicated Account Management
Cyber Security as a Service
Vulnerability Scanning and Patching
Cybersecurity Testing and Training
Dark Web Monitoring
Windows AutoPilot
Password Management
Server and Network Monitoring
Antivirus Protection
Internet and Email
Network Support
Cloud Backup Management and Testing
Monthly Maintenance Reports
Scheduled Onsite Visits
Yearly Strategic Plans
Yearly Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Test
Yearly Cyber Security Policy Review
$96 p/user
$145 p/user
$205 p/user
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The IT support Perth enterprises can rely on

F1 Solutions provide leading IT services that can seamlessly be tailored to a large-scale enterprise. Designed for large organisations with on-site servers and network infrastructure, our managed IT Perth services for enterprises deliver unparalleled, , round-the-clock assistance, preventative monitoring, and maintenance for superior protection.

Continuous support and maintenance mean that your Perth-based enterprise can rely on solid IT infrastructure management to both identify and address any issues before they impact operation. This is especially important for enterprises in Perth that rely heavily on technology to operate, meet customer expectations and successfully grow. If you’re a large organisation in Perth, the F1 Solutions Advantage enterprise solution offers the perfect IT Support service for you.

Server monitoring & management

Network monitoring & support

Backup & disaster recovery

Antivirus protection

Internet & email protection

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Our security advantage

Good technology and excellent technology infrastructure ensure that your Perth company is well-protected. By working with F1 Solutions Advantage for IT services, you’re placing the safety of your company’s operation in the hands of a team of experts. F1 Solutions Advantage solutions offer superior security with a cybersecurity health check and constant proactive monitoring. The Cybersecurity health check is a core advantage that addresses and identifies numerous critical areas of technology to deliver an in-depth report of your company’s current security posture. Designed by leaders in cybersecurity best practices in Perth, the cybersecurity health check has been used to determine and enhance the security of organisations such as AWS. To put it simply, we understand the importance of technology and security, and we are here to deliver secure, smart and safe solutions.

  • Antivirus configuration
  • Virtual Private Network capability
  • Backup process and tools
  • Restriction of administrative privileges
  • Patching of applications
  • Patching of operating systems
  • Microsoft Office macros protection
  • User application hardening

Frequently asked questions

F1 Solutions have been in the IT solutions and software industry for more than 25 years and has been a trusted technology partner for various Perth companies, government departments, and Australian not-for-profits during this period. It’s our energised, proactive approach, combined with an extensive background in IT support, that has us F1 Solutions at the forefront of the IT industry in Perth.

Our F1 Solutions Advantage IT support offerings have been designed with one primary focus in mind; to create and deliver exceptional IT support and management services to Australian businesses. Providing direct access to some of the nation’s most advanced IT systems, management systems, and IT experts, we are here to make sure that your business in Perth is operating at its full potential.

Our IT services are designed to deliver flexible, reliable, and powerful solutions that put you in the driving seat of your company’s technology. We understand the value of technology for every type of business; our high-quality management solutions make sure that you can depend on your technology infrastructures in the most vulnerable of situations. That includes access to live monitoring, security patching, and testing all disaster recovery systems. It’s this proactive approach that means that when working with F1 Solutions, your company’s security and seamless operation is prioritised.

As the digital landscape constantly evolves at an accelerated rate, the smartest decision Australian corporations can make is to engage with IT Support Sydney services that will keep up with your enterprise growth whilst keeping your company ahead of others. Partnering with an IT solution firm in Sydney means that you work with a team of specialists that improve operational efficiency and remove IT roadblocks in your corporation. Ultimately, partnering with F1 Solutions will keep your business at the IT support services in Perth can benefit a wide range of businesses, of small, medium to large enterprise size. Managing IT infrastructure is no easy feat; even for a small, lean business. Whether it be to streamline current operational technology or to provide the newest and most advanced software, IT support services in Perth are crucial for businesses and enterprises of every size. F1 Solutions Advantage plans extends from minor IT roadblocks to large security breach protection – anyone who values the technology, security, flexibility and operational efficiency of their business should consider working with an expert IT support team like F1 Solutions.

Our services start at just $65 per user. F1 Solutions Advantage plans provide leading IT support services in Perth at an affordable and fair fixed fee per user rate. There are no lock-in contracts, we don’t hide behind any sneaky fees, and as an F1 Solutions Customer, you have the ability to scale and grow with our ease of accessibility.

F1 Solutions Advantage IT service Perth packages are incredibly flexible and can easily be customised to meet the unique demands of your business. You can be confident in your IT infrastructure, software, and systems when you work with F1 Solutions.

Are you a business operating in Perth? If so, chances are, your business somewhat relies on technology. Whether it be for customer interactions, employee accessibility, company security or general operations, almost all companies in Perth rely on some form of IT infrastructure.

Even if technology is one of your strong points – managing the IT infrastructure, systems and environments can get in the way of successfully running a business. What’s more, having your own internal IT team can be expensive or in some cases, may not be able to handle the requirements of all IT roadblocks faced by your business.

Working with an IT Support provider in Perth means relying on a team of experts dedicated to removing all technology concerns and improving operational efficiency. As our managed IT services plans cover all aspects of IT infrastructure and systems, our high standard of support means that you can get on with running your business, while we do all of the heavy lifting of IT support. IT support services in Perth make sure that your business is more productive, efficient, reliable and resilient.

Cost-effective IT solution

The value of having an IT support company to externally handle all of your IT concerns cannot be overstated. At a fair and affordable rate, the F1 Solutions Advantage IT support packages also reduce outgoing expenses and offer a relatively fast return on investment. What’s more, when you work with F1 Solutions, scaling and growing your business is easy with our flexible flat-per-user rate that can easily be adapted.

Improved reliability of IT support

IT services allow for better data management, increased productivity, reduced downtime and increased reliability of technology systems. Working with an expert team of IT Perth professionals, you’re able to safely rely on reliable, tried-and-tested and simple solutions to any problems faced. It’s all good and well to have a few savvy team members try to work out any IT concerns; however, doing so actually increases downtime, is a waste of resources and creates an unreliable system.

F1 Solutions Advantage takes all of the guesswork out of having secure, reliable and resilient operational technology for your Perth company. We have the experience, software, knowledge and expertise to safely handle a wide range of aspects of your technology. We are also able to safely and effectively solve all complex matters involving your business and technology.

Superior security

The security of company data, operational information and storage systems is critical for all Perth companies. Security and compliance are huge concerns for Perth businesses, and can be effectively and safely managed with an expert IT service provider. An IT support management service will protect your company from cyber security attacks, viruses, online threats, and operational malfunctions. Proactive and constant supervision means that your company’s technology will also be prepared for any potential concerns.

What’s included in IT support services in Perth with an F1 Solutions Advantage plan depends on the package chosen to meet IT support needs. Our plans and services can be tailored to suit various organisations and can be customised to manage almost any type of IT infrastructure. Depending on the plan chosen for our managed services, our Perth IT service plans include (but are not limited to):

  • Office 365
  • Cloud backup
  • Antispam protection
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
  • Industry-leading antivirus
  • Desktop Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Enhanced endpoint protection
  • Endpoint device encryption
  • Windows AutoPilot
  • Windows-10 Business licensing
  • Unlimited cloud email archive
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server monitoring & management
  • Cloud migration
  • Virtual Private Network capability
  • Backup process and tools
  • Patching of applications and operating systems
  • Microsoft Office macros protection
  • User application hardening

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Karinya House, a not-for-profit organisation provides supported accommodation and outreach services to pregnant and parenting women in crisis, and their children. Learn about how F1 Solutions worked with Karinya House to help the organisation define its needs and provided a roadmap for the IT upgrade.