F1 Solutions mission is to transform research management through innovative solutions, removing barriers to create a connected community and driving positive outcomes to change the world for the better.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Chrysalis. Chrysalis provides specialist consulting services to health, medical research, life sciences, biotech, and medtech industry focussed on research governance, ethics and clinical trial advisory.

“Research governance is more important than ever in helping to safely usher through the next generation of novel therapies and interventions. This is especially important for hospitals and research institutions that will need to comply with the National Clinical Trials Governance Framework in order to maintain their accreditation with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare.

We see our partnership with F1 Solutions as an opportunity to provide a well-tested and validated technical solution to assist organisations to meet their obligations and achieve excellent clinical research outcomes.”

Nik Zeps, Partner, Chrysalis

The partnership with Chrysalis will allow us to rapidly develop and validate solutions to solve today’s most pertinent research management challenges and help shape the future of technology in the research governance, ethics and clinical trial industries. Together, F1 Solutions and Chrysalis will provide a complete service offering that drives research excellence and innovation now and into the future.

“Our partnership with Chrysalis is a key strategic initiative of F1 Solutions building on our mission to support Australia’s vital research programs. We are excited to work with Nick Northcott, Nik Zeps and the team at Chrysalis and contributing to the next generation of research innovation.”

Gus Boman, CEO, F1 Solutions

Our partnership with Chrysalis signifies our joint commitment to supporting innovation in research management. Together we connect research administration, compliance, and governance and learnings to solve complex national and global challenges.

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