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F1 Solutions Accelerate is driven by quickly adapting to changing trends in technology and using our knowledge to provide expert, strategic advice using our iterative product development experience.

Using modern technology in a low-risk manner, our software development Canberra teams can audit your IT environment to help improve your productivity and achieve better business outcomes.

The F1 Solutions Accelerate software development Canberra teams can modernise your ageing systems to enhance their fit-for-purpose effectiveness. We’ll work to engineer advanced solutions to simplify and streamline your workflows with easier access to information and more intelligent systems.

We work with our clients to help them transform their ideas into practical solutions to reap the benefits of well-designed, purpose-built solutions for years to come.

Let our expert IT consultants and software development teams in Canberra help you realise your potential.

Modernise your legacy systems

Frustrated with an ageing legacy system?

An F1 Solutions Accelerate team can re-invigorate your ageing system with enhanced functionality and a potential move to a newer, less expensive platform. Our experts will review your current systems and re-engineer them to be more practical and productive for your specific space. We’ll migrate you to a cloud-based platform, ensuring technology is more versatile and scalable to grow with your Canberra-based business. The end-to-end approach with F1 Solutions will manage modernisation from conception through to post-implementation review.

The F1 Solutions Accelerate future-proofed system provides wins on all fronts with reduced maintenances needs and a modernised, more productive product.

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Enhance your business with software development teams

Our software development Canberra teams have the agility you need to accelerate your IT transformation and provide value to your organisation. Leverage our software development technology expertise, with ongoing access to quality, technical resources to improve your company’s outcomes.

  • F1 Solutions Accelerate skilled technical resources to augment or extend your in-house project or technical team’s capabilities under your direction.
  • F1 Solutions Accelerate custom software development Canberra for a specific software development project.
  • Full-scale partnering F1 Solutions Accelerate skilled, technical team onsite for ongoing end-to-end software development, maintenance support and expert IT advice.
  • F1 Solutions Accelerate software consultancy expertise to deliver strategic advice and trusted technology insights.

Ready to use technology to transform your business?

We’ve adapted and grown with our clients through technological changes over the last 25 years.

Boost your software capabilities

Our teams stay up to date with current and emerging trends in information technology platforms and capabilities – assuring you of second to none technology solutions.

We’re your solutions experts

We work with technology industry leaders such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to build new skills and access new technologies as they emerge.

Robust software

We use rigorous development and project management methodologies, and subject our products to robust, automated testing and quality assurance reviews.

Expert staff

We attract and hire incredibly skilled and career-driven dedicated individuals in Canberra.

Develop with confidence

We strive to deliver the possible outcomes for your business and stand behind the technology we recommend.

Frequently asked questions

With a finite number of highly skilled software developers in Canberra, the IT workforce can be pretty fluid, presenting a risk for organisations whose primary service is outside of IT.

As a reputable and well-established IT company, F1 Solutions provide an attractive environment for IT workers. Offering a wide range of more technology projects, expert mentoring, and development opportunities, we attracted skilled workers from far and wide.

When you work with F1 Solutions, you have access to skilled IT resources and professionals in Canberra that are pre-qualified and have the support of our pre-existing knowledge, your corporate applications and IT systems. We’ll save you substantial time and money in recruitment efforts and provide reassurance that your corporate IT knowledge is not walking out the door when your in-house or contract staff decide to move on.

The attraction of custom software development Canberra is that each solution is tailored. Costs will vary according to the complexity and functionality needed. As each project brings its unique challenges and considerations, we provide a price estimate after identifying the primary requirements for your IT project. If you would like to learn more about how much a custom software development project would cost, get in touch with the team at F1 Solutions today.

An agile approach to Canberra software development is a stepwise approach. We provide flexibility in the ultimate design of the product, and faster delivery of what is inevitably a better solution than a product only evaluated after it is fully developed. The solution is constructed in small chunks with periodic reviews and feedback from clients. Continuous evaluation allows the development team to quickly respond to any needed changes and refine the product along the way.

Successful Canberra businesses rely upon great software to achieve their results. When pre-packaged or off-the-shelf software doesn’t quite satisfy your needs, then a bespoke software developer Canberra team can work with you to provide software consultancy and design a solution tailor-made to your exact requirements.

By reducing tedious, repetitive tasks and streamlining standard user practices, bespoke software applications increase productivity for you and your workplace. When you operate with software that is aligned with your goals that automates your business practices, you’ll require fewer manual interventions, reduce the need for supervision, and experience fewer errors.

What’s more, bespoke software can be designed to integrate with your existing software and application and adapted for future configurations foreseeable future operations.

Would you like to make better decisions with increased data insights? Would an upgraded software solution provide a more positive experience to your customers? Are there areas in your organisation that could benefit from automation?

If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then you can benefit from bespoke software development Canberra. Contact us today to learn more about how F1 Solutions Accelerate and our customised software solutions can help your business.

The main benefit of moving your software applications to the ‘cloud’ is that you no longer require physical servers and hardware – reducing your costs for hardware acquisition and maintenance. Your cloud service provider manages the application databases and their upgrades – resulting in less downtime for you. A cloud environment is easily adjusted and allows you to modify your storage and processing capacity for known peaks and troughs in usage patterns. This flexibility saves you money and improves performance.

Cloud-hosted applications not only have better security but also reduced ongoing costs, as they are shared by all subscribers to the cloud platform through the cloud licencing fees. The most notable example of this is Microsoft Office 365 – which is now accessible through an online subscription with seamless cloud-based upgrades.

F1 Solutions works with many organisations across various industries to deliver custom software development, technical advice and application modernisation and maintenance in Canberra. We partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes across Canberra, including government agencies, private companies, and not-for-profit organisations.

F1 Solutions have developed a wide array of custom software development solutions. Our expert software developers were the team behind OmniStar, our own advanced SaaS (Software as a Service) product, driving ethics and governance approval programs, research management and grants relating to philanthropy, medical research, environment, renewable energy, and export industry development. TravelPack, an ‘F1 Solutions developed’ travel budget tool, currently streamlines travel administration across numerous Australian government agencies. Our F1 Solutions Accelerate teams created Australia’s first Electronic Polling Place Management System; still in use today.

With decades of experience providing strategic IT advice, software development and maintenance support, and qualified IT personnel, F1 Solutions is trusted by many.

If you’d like to learn more about how F1 Solutions Accelerate can help you, get in touch with the team today.

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Partner with our Canberra experts

We develop software developer Canberra teams with the right mindset, knowledge and skills for successful bespoke software development and sound technology advice. We build high functioning teams in an established organisation to help you reach your technology and business goals.

We nurture our teams so that they can nurture your organisation.

  • Strategic IT advice, technical expertise, and ability to support your current IT operation and future planning.
  • Peace of mind knowing your IT solution provided by a reputable, well established IT company.
  • Maintained corporate IT knowledge, decreased recruitment and onboarding costs with F1 Solutions' scalable resourcing of highly skilled, pre-qualified staff in Canberra.
  • Thorough analysis, expertise, and advice to modernise your IT systems.
  • Transfer of IT knowledge to your staff from our Canberra technical experts.
  • Improved business outcomes from agile, bespoke software development, and software consultancy.