Chief Executive Officer

Gustad Boman

Gustad Boman is a technology veteran who built F1 Solutions from a start-up database company in the late 1990s into a pioneering SaaS and cloud services technology player. He took over the company when F1’s founders sought an exit and has painstakingly built an innovation engine from the ground up. Before F1 Solutions, Gus was a senior client relationship executive and technologist at IBM. He made significant contribution to IBM Australia’s operation in Canberra. Today Gus is founding director, owner and visionary facilitator of the talented and high achieving F1 Solutions executive team. His vision is for a business with international operations powered by rich IP and “good technology that empowers clients to effect change and transform their futures”.

Chief Operating Officer

Zarthost Boman

Zarthost Boman is the driving force and visionary behind F1 Solutions 2.0. He is focused on harnessing the true potential held in F1 Solutions’ IP and rich human capital. Zar has been a driver of change in the organisation for over 15 years. F1 Solutions’ early adoption of .Net technologies, as well as the migration of the OmniStar product as SaaS to the cloud. Most recently, Zar is driving the scale and growth in accordance with F1 Solutions strategic plans. Zar’s boundless energy and knack of adopting innovative technology as produced disruptive solutions powering F1 Solutions strategy led growth. After joining in 2006, Zar developed an intimate knowledge of the business and its client communities as he carried out Account Manager, Infrastructure Manager and Director of Operations roles before taking on the position of COO. Zar has a Bachelor of Technology, an MBA and an impressive reputation for building networks – both human and technological – in the Australian business world.

Chief Technical Officer

Chris Maish

Chris is the principal architect of the OmniStar Grants, Ethics & Governance and Research solutions. He has been instrumental in technology adoption and product development in software dev, infrastructure and SaaS. Having spent his career at the point where exceptional business and good technology intersect, Chris became F1 Solutions’ CTO in 2019, after three years as our Enterprise Architect. Early in his career, Chris worked with Unisys as Dell Client Infrastructure Representative, prior to joining F1 Solutions as a software developer in 2008. He also spent several years running his own web application and software development consultancy in Canada.

Chief Financial Officer

Cimi Peters

Cimi Peters has a wonderful way with people and often says ‘People may not remember what you said or did, but they will never forget how you made them feel’. Cimi heads two key portfolios at F1 Solutions, HR and Finance. She has single-handedly revamped most of the F1 Solutions internal systems and implemented a new ERP system that is central to the growth and scale aspirations of F1 into the future.

Director of Sales

Gary Doecke

Gary powers the sales function at F1 Solutions and has often worked shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, helping them make the journey from complex to simple solutions through transformative approach. Gary was appointed Director Sales at F1 Solutions after he onboarded some of F1’s largest clients, including University of Queensland and South Australia Health. Gary has worked for multinational companies and did a stint in US. He has instituted disciplined account and client relationship management that is the bedrock for brand recognition and growth. Gary is respected and liked by clients and colleagues.

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