Chief Executive Officer

Gustad Boman

Gus Boman is a technology veteran. In the late nineties he saw great potential for F1 Solutions. He took over the database start-up, and pioneered SaaS and cloud services in the Canberra region. He then built an innovation engine from scratch, which became the backbone for F1 Solutions' flagship product, OmniStar. Prior to starting F1 Solutions, Gus was a client relations executive and technologist with IBM Australia.

As F1 Solutions’ founding director, owner, and visionary, today Gus guides a team of around eighty talented and high achieving, professional staff. His vision is for F1 Solutions to build on the strengths of its rich intellectual property to expand into international markets, and help clients worldwide, access technology that will “transform their futures”.

Chief Operating Officer

Zarthost Boman

Zar Boman has brought new energy and next-generation aspirations to F1 Solutions. As Chief Operating Officer he is focused on growing the company’s impact and reach. He led the early adoption of .Net technologies and was integral in the decision to migrate OmniStar from an on-premises to a SaaS cloud solution. He sees great potential in F1 Solutions’ intellectual property and human capital and has a reputation for building strong human and technological networks.

Since joining F1 Solutions in 2006, Zar has held several roles in infrastructure and account management where he developed an intimate knowledge of the F1 Solutions’ business and client communities.

Chief Technical Officer

Chris Maish

Chris Maish is the principal architect of the OmniStar - F1 Solutions’ grants, ethics, research management and governance solution. In his roles as Software Developer, Enterprise Architect, and now as CTO, he has been instrumental in the company’s technology adoption and product development.

Early in his career, Chris worked with Unisys as Dell Client Infrastructure Representative. He also spent several years running his own web application and software development consultancy in Canada.

Chief Financial Officer

Cimi Peters

Cimi Peters has a wonderful way with people, often saying, ‘People may not remember what you said or did, but they will never forget how you made them feel’.

Cimi heads two key portfolios at F1 Solutions; Human Resources and Finance. She single-handedly revamped most of the internal administrative systems and implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning system to support the company’s future growth.

Director of Sales

Gary Doecke

As head of the F1 Solutions’ sales’ team, Gary Doecke takes a disciplined but personable approach to account management. He engages with potential customers to understand their frustrations and challenges, works with them to develop and oversee their business technology transformations.

Gary has worked for several multinational technology companies including a stint in the U.S. He has onboarded some of F1 Solutions’ largest clients, including University of Queensland and South Australia Health. He is respected and well-liked by colleagues and clients.

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