Because travel should transform

Travel administration, particularly around costs and expenses, takes an enormous amount of time that could otherwise be used far more productively.

TravelPack’s success is based on its ability to save travel administrators up to 75% of the time they spend on tasks associated with calculating money spent on business trips.

The custom-built solution records traveller details, meaning they don’t have to be re-entered for every trip. It annually imports overseas allowance rates determined by DFAT, automatically calculates specific travel expenses, produces useful reports and much more. TravelPack is a holistic government travel budget tool.

TravelPack features

Organisational travel rules are complex and their administration can be highly time-consuming. TravelPack automates and streamlines, giving that time back.

Automated cost calculations

Includes automated calculations and conversions of accommodation, meals, incidentals, equipment and other expenses related to travel – particularly overseas, where the rules are complex and can change by city.

Time-based entitlements

TravelPack applies specific travel allowance entitlements, some of which are time-based. For example, breakfast can only be claimed before a certain time, meals cannot be claimed whilst on a flight, etc.

Streamlining processes

TravelPack streamlines time-consuming process. For example, it enables the copying of trip details, simplifying group travel administration.

Import vital figures

Overseas allowance rates for specific territories can be imported with a click, removing the need to look up and enter data.

Easy acquittals

Depending on whether a travel/credit card or and advance is given to the traveller, advances and acquittals are easily calculated before and/or after the trip, with acquittal only necessary on items where the budget varied.

Clear communication

The TravelPack system can print letters to hand to travellers, giving them a clear understanding of details of their advance, or results of the acquittal.

Accounting reports

Prior to the travel, indicative budget can be produced as part of the travel approval business case. Post travel, reports are easily produced for the finance team to report and recover/pay differences.

Tailored for you

Budget allocations can be customised by department, cost centre or program area. The system admin capability facilitates individual agencies to implement their own variations according to their internal travel policy.

Safe and simple

Individuals travellers’ details are recorded in the system, including position and contact details, meaning they never need to be re-entered and are available in case of emergency.

Free your staff from admin

When travel is purposeful and not bogged down by admin, it can open up new horizons for an organisation.