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Good technology can enable progressive change or drive dramatic transformation

F1 Solutions have developed infrastructure support packages that ultimately simplifies your IT Support. F1 Solutions Advantage provides leading managed IT services, ensuring that all IT infrastructure management aspects are in safe hands. The F1 Solutions Advantage manages the coordination of IT resources, systems, platforms, people and environments, so you can get back to doing what matters most – running your business.

We offer a range of plans and local IT support offerings in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Townsville.

Designed to remove administrative and resource costs from your business, F1 Solutions Advantage allows for more consistent forecasting, budgeting, cash flow and risk management with our exceptional managed IT services. We aim to bring your business vision to life by taking away infrastructure management pressures. We handle your IT needs for you, providing a simple, smart, and safe solution.

F1 Solutions Advantage plans are a flexible, all-in-one solution tailored to your requirements and available at a highly competitive, easy to manage, flat per-user fee. Perhaps most importantly, in today’s unpredictable environment, an F1 Solutions Advantage plan will help your business adapt to fast-changing risks and opportunities as your systems, processes and data is centralised, secure and backed up in the cloud.

So, if you are ready to future-proof your business with an IT solution that will help you operate more effectively and efficiently, we have the right F1 Solutions Advantage package for you.

Technology to deliver more

Did you know that 91% of employees feel technology choices reflect on a company? In fact, more than a quarter of professionals are likely to quit over poor workplace technology. To make this even more challenging, your business has to deal with things like ageing devices and software, licencing requirements and a lack of control over procurement.

An F1 Solutions Advantage plan is here to simplify matters for you. Just pick an IT support plan that fits your purpose and let us help you streamline your IT desktop and service requirements for you. Our remote IT support means that your company can rely on modern, up-to-date systems and software that enhance and simplify the daily operating experience.

Remarkable track record

F1 Solutions Advantage has provided managed services offerings since 1996 and enjoy a wealth of knowledge and experience and regularly share advice around best practice.

No lock-in contracts

Our flat per user fee, means you can scale up and down as you need too. We also promise no lock in contracts, so you can cancel or change your F1 Solutions Advantage IT service plan, at any time.

Aussie support, when you need it

We understand the importance of receiving support when you need it. Thats why we keep our support team on shore. Our friendly Australian helpdesk team are here to ensure you have no down time. We offer localised support in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and the surrounding regions.

Flexible and scalable product offering

Pick and choose the F1 Solutions Advantage managed solution to meet your business needs. We can create a custom plan, tailored to best - fit your unique IT needs. We can provide services ranging from, helpdesk support, to managed devices, and hardware, to cloud services.

Confidence of cloud services

F1 Solutions Advantage is a class-leading cloud specialist. As an AWS Select Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner, we enable flexibility, scalability and reliability.

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F1 Advantage Plans are based on the number of users in your organisation, so it is easy to control and budget for your IT support and adjust as your organisation changes. We offer separated licensing to ensure you only pay for what you use, and continuously monitor and adjust these numbers as your usage changes. The following sections describe our standard suite of products included in the F1 Advantage Plan.

$96 p/user
$145 p/user
$205 p/user
Microsoft 365 & Office Suite
Email Protection and Management
Helpdesk Support
Endpoint Security
Fully Managed Endpoint Devices
(desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles)
Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
Dedicated Account Management
Cyber Security as a Service
Vulnerability Scanning and Patching
Cybersecurity Testing and Training
Dark Web Monitoring
Windows AutoPilot
Password Management
Server and Network Monitoring
Antivirus Protection
Internet and Email
Network Support
Cloud Backup Management and Testing
Monthly Maintenance Reports
Scheduled Onsite Visits
Yearly Strategic Plans
Yearly Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Test
Yearly Cyber Security Policy Review
$96 p/user
$145 p/user
$205 p/user
F1 Advantage Enterprise Logo F1 Advantage Enterprise Logo

Take advantage of enterprise solutions

F1 Solutions Advantage Enterprise is a complete managed service plan designed for organisations that have on-premise server, network and hybrid infrastructure, requiring constant and proactive maintenance and monitoring.

This service monitors essential infrastructure 24/7 and performs preventative maintenance and manage all aspects of your servers and networks, detecting and solving any issues before they impact your operation.

Less downtime means you can focus on what you do best, allowing you to well and truly meet customer expectations and grow.

Server monitoring & management

Network monitoring & support

Backup & disaster recovery

Antivirus protection

Internet & email protection

F1 Advantage Security Logo F1 Advantage Security Logo

Our security advantage

Good technology should keep your business protected. That’s why we bring you a powerful technology security service – the F1 Solutions Advantage Security cybersecurity health check. Designed by Foresight, leaders in security best-practice who have performed security assessments on companies such as AWS, the F1 Solutions' Security Advantage cyber security health check addresses a variety of integral areas of technology to give you an in-depth report of your security. It is a must have for all organisations, especially with the changes in how we work and the introduction of a modern workplace.

  • Antivirus configuration
  • Virtual Private Network capability
  • Backup process and tools
  • Restriction of administrative privileges
  • Patching of applications
  • Patching of operating systems
  • Microsoft Office macros protection
  • User application hardening

Frequently asked questions

F1 Solutions have designed the F1 Solutions Advantage with one core delivery in mind: providing quality IT support and managed IT solutions that meet (and exceed) Australian business needs. We strive to provide direct access to exceptional state-of-the-art systems and IT experts, to monitor and maintain your business operations proactively. We saw a gap in the IT support market, and we took it upon ourselves to fill it.

Our management services prioritise exceptional support, user and device management, security and ensuring all IT systems continue to operate at peak performance. When it comes to remote IT support Australia, the F1 Solutions Advantage plans has all aspects of your IT needs covered. We’re a locally grown, forward-thinking organisation that puts our customers and community first. We are flexible, understanding and results-focused.

F1 Solutions has been a trusted technology partner of government departments, businesses and not-for-profit organisations in Australia for more than 25 years. Our breadth of experience in the industry, combined with our modern and advanced technology, has provided us with the ability to provide managed IT services for a wide range of organisations in Australia. We’re here to simplify the process and streamline flexible IT solutions.

The F1 Solutions Advantage packages are tailored to your company’s needs and include live monitoring, security patching and testing your disaster recovery procedures. Our proactive response means our customers can rely on their IT system when needed most. We aim to provide trustworthy, reliable, and high-quality managed IT solutions to small, medium and even large enterprises throughout Australia.

Working with F1 Solutions means having your very own IT department with direct access to leading IT experts, at a fraction of the cost of an internal team. By removing the complexity of IT support and providing a positive, proactive addition to your company, F1 Solutions are offering you a competitive edge over your peers.

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, it makes sense to engage with IT support services that will keep your business at the forefront of your industry. Working with an IT solutions firm means relying on a team of professionals to improve operational efficiency and remove all IT roadblocks faced in running a business. Our managed IT services cover all aspects of support to ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything out of your scope of work.

There are a plethora of reasons to consider a company to manage your IT requirements. Here are some of the most relevant benefits of working with F1 Solutions Advantage:

Enhanced security

An IT support company will provide enhanced security and compliance. In today’s digital world, security and compliance are huge concerns for all types of businesses. Operating systems, desktops, tablets, and smartphones constantly store and transmit important company data – making company security more important than ever before. Falling victim to a cybersecurity attack can seriously damage your business. Managed service providers like F1 Solutions work to protect Australian businesses from security breach or event, taking swift action in the event of an attack.

Improved efficiency & reliability

There’s no point in trying to get your existing staff to become IT experts if that is not in their scope of practice. Lack of knowledge and skill to undertake IT responsibility within a company leads to great inefficiency, waste of resources and ultimately, unreliability. Improved efficiency of operations is a huge factor for businesses employing the assistance of managed services. Working with F1 Solutions means having a dedicated specialist to manage all technology necessary to operate a business.

Proactive approach to maintenance

Not only will all IT issues be solved quickly when working with an expert, but your provider will implement proactive maintenance so that you can continue running your business without worrying about any technical issues.

Cost-effective and high ROI

Having an IT provider to manage all technology concerns is extremely financial beneficial for a business. Support services help to control outgoing expenses and increase return on investment. What’s more, F1 Solutions allows for scalability and flexibility for a business to grow in a manner than internal IT teams simply cannot provide.

Tailored solutions

If your organisational needs do not fit directly into one of the F1 Solutions Advantage plans, we can create a customised solution for you. You can pick and choose the F1 Solutions Advantage managed solutions to meet your company’s requirements. We can provide flexible solutions ranging from helpdesk support to managed devices and hardware and cloud services.

Advanced technology

Quality workplace technology is a key component of operating a successful business. F1 Solutions are here to help. We provide industry-leading solutions to ensure that our customers are equipped with the operational technology at the forefront of their industry. Forget dealing with ageing devices and software and licensing requirements; we’ve got you sorted with F1 Solutions Advantage.

Small, medium and large enterprises can all benefit enormously from good technology and having a capable IT company to take care of the business side of such technology. A specialised IT provider will not only assist in managing current IT operations but will also provide solutions, preventive maintenance and an IT strategy to improve the efficiency of your technology. You can be confident in your IT infrastructure when you work with F1 Solutions Advantage.

Working with F1 Solutions for IT solutions means having the pressures of infrastructure management taken away. We handle and manage all IT needs for your organisation, providing a secure, simple and seamless solution. Essentially, we’re providing you with the ability to focus on your business without having to stress about any technical-related issues that could potentially arise.

What’s included in managed IT services Australia depends on the plan chosen for your IT support. The F1 Solutions Advantage services can be tailored to suit various organisations and cover all aspects of IT infrastructure. Industry-leading solutions are provided as a part of the managed IT plans, including Windows, Office 365, Sophos and Datto. We provide local and remote IT support across the country, tailoring our services to meet the demands of a wide variety of Australian businesses. Depending on the plan chosen for our managed services, our IT support plans cover, but are not limited to:

  • Office 365
  • Cloud backup
  • Antispam protection
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Azure AD Conditional Access Policies
  • Industry-leading antivirus
  • Desktop Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Enhanced endpoint protection
  • Endpoint device encryption
  • Windows AutoPilot
  • Windows-10 Business licensing
  • Unlimited cloud email archive
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server monitoring & management
  • Cloud migration
  • Virtual Private Network capability
  • Backup process and tools
  • Patching of applications and operating systems
  • Microsoft Office macros protection
  • User application hardening

F1 Solutions provide leading managed IT services, at a fixed fee per user, with no lock-in contracts. With no hidden costs and unlimited access to our expert solutions, our IT support services start at $65 per user. The F1 Solutions Advantage also means that our packages are completely customisable; we can tailor your IT services to meet your business’ unique demands. As such, costs can vary, depending on which services are to be managed for your operations.

The F1 Solutions Advantage involves a flat per-user fee, meaning you can scale up and down as you require. We don’t do lock-in contracts, and we offer flexible solutions that can be adapted to meet the needs of your IT systems. Whether you’re after a plan that manages all aspects of your IT requirements, comprehensive enterprise management, or Desktop as a Service solution, we have got you covered.

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