What ‘good technology’ means to us

We understand that good technology is both a gift and a responsibility, for us and for our clients.

This means we build easy-to-use systems that make our clients’ lives simpler, better and richer in many ways. It enables them to do more good, be more productive and drive transformational change.

For example, we help automate manual processes so medical researchers can get on with higher-value tasks such as developing new medicines, vaccines, therapies and medical devices. We ensure exemplary performance and security of businesses’ IT systems, allowing them to focus on satisfying their customers and their staff. And we design, implement and manage cloud systems that enable businesses to take advantage of new levels of insight, adaptability and flexibility, creating an environment in which innovation thrives.

Technology & Trust

We follow several simple but important rules to ensure trust from our clients, including government agencies, state health bodies, leading universities, corporates, SMEs and not-for-profits.

Unbiased & Objective

Our solutions must be unbiased and objective, and do not run analytics or other background practices on user data.

Responsible data use

We do not sell contacts or accept payment to mine client data.

Locally driven

We contribute to the Australian economy, maintaining an emphasis on hiring local talent over cheaper offshore options.

Always protected

We focus on the management of security and risk, to ensure our clients are always protected from external threats and vulnerabilities.

Shared values

We encourage our staff to live our values, on behalf of F1 Solutions, our clients and our community.

Trust & respect

We insist on trust and mutual respect being the cornerstones of our organisation. We respect our clients and those who use our systems, and do all we can to earn their trust.

Partnership focused

As a technology partner, we must ensure we are an extension of our clients’ teams, skills and capabilities, always adding value.

We believe in good business

F1 Solutions is a locally grown, right-sized organisation that puts our people customers and community first. We are flexible, understanding and outcomes focused.

We bring innovative ideas and solutions that are imagined, designed and built in-house from our software-as-a-service offerings. We approach problems holistically, beginning with the why, rather than the what.

Future proofed, secure and scalable

Our solutions are high quality, future proofed, secure and scalable. We accelerate delivery of projects using our inhouse-built tools and methodologies, reducing risk and enabling you to see a return on your investment sooner.

By removing complexity and providing a positive experience to all of your stakeholders, F1 Solutions offers you a competitive edge.

Our Story

In 1996, three guys started an IT company to help government departments, charities and private organisations with their IT requirements. They named the company F1 Solutions, after the ‘help key’. We have come a long way since those humble beginnings.

Today we help solve complex and life-changing business problems that benefit millions of lives. We believe technology should have purpose.

Our vision is to invest in the best and most innovative Australian talent to enrich and positively impact lives. We do this through easy to use, high quality and customer-focused solutions that harness the power of technology for the good of our clients, staff and stakeholders, meeting the exacting high standards of the community we serve.

Our solid software engineering core competencies have been powering our clients’ growth and success for over 24 years. We make technology simple and intelligent so that it enriches citizens’ daily lives. We help businesses stay competitive with disruptive ideas that change the world.

We bring good technology to life

Experience great solutions for your business

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