Technology does not just create efficiencies in your business. It inspires innovation. It retains talent. It delights customers. Perhaps most importantly, good technology makes a business more adaptable, able to handle any challenge and opportunity that comes its way. It’s a powerful advantage.

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Allow us to take your IT to an entirely new level

We manage and develop your IT services so you can work with greater insight and efficiency toward keeping your own customers satisfied. With unlimited local support when you need it, you can be sure we’ve got your back. After all, our business name comes from the ‘help key’ – so it’s in our DNA.

Since 1996 we have been helping businesses of all sizes to stay ahead of the technology curve, from cloud solutions to enterprise networks, and from best-in-class security to Desktop as a Service (DTaaS). Our passion for IT offers you competitive advantage, and our Australia-based support brings deep confidence.

The increased resilience, scale and performance adds up to less expense, greater security, fewer disruptions and better business.

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The F1 Solutions Advantage program brings your vision to life by making managed IT services simple, smart and safe. It is a flexible, all-in-one solution tailored to your requirements and available at a highly competitive, easy to manage, flat per-user fee.

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F1 Solutions' Enterprise Advantage is a managed service plan designed for organisations that have on-premise server and network infrastructure, requiring constant and proactive maintenance and monitoring.

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DTaaS is a cloud offering allowing your usual desktop, including your full suite of apps, to be delivered to any device, anywhere. It is valuable for scalability, travel flexibility, simplicity, security and continuity after a business interruption.

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Our powerful technology security service is designed by Foresight, leaders in security best-practice. The Cyber Security Health Check involves a technical security review determining resilience to cyber attack, including antivirus configuration, VPN capability, backup processes and more.

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Grants. Ethics. Research. Reimagined.

Omnistar is our highly-innovative industry leading SaaS product. It has transformed the research, ethics, and grants landscape, helping many organisations solve complex problems and create positive impact within the community. OmniStar is a highly configurable, end-to-end solution.

OmniStar is the ultimate solution for Commonwealth, state and local government agencies, universities, hospitals, medical research institutes and philanthropic organisations requiring a solution that:

  • Drives and accelerates business growth
  • Enforces legislative compliance
  • Attracts greater funding
  • Provides transparency and accountability
  • Improves domestic and global rankings
  • Improves operational efficiency, saving time and money
  • Reduces the burden on researchers and administrative staff
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Your data. Your systems. Anywhere. Any time.

Cloud computing is a simple but powerful and highly affordable proposition. It is about the delivery of all your computing requirements – from servers to storage, software to backups, security to analytics and much more – over the internet. A must-have for continuity, rapid scaling as your business grows, and developing a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints, cloud computing increases performance, innovation, flexibility and adaptability. F1 Solutions designs and implements cloud service via Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

The global leader in cloud solutions, AWS puts businesses in an environment where they can scale at speed, enjoy greater computing power, have fully integrated systems and processes, increase flexibility and adapt in real time to changing markets.

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, F1 Solutions professionally manages every step of the cloud process, from engagement and discovery to cloud readiness and assessment, and to migration and management/maintenance of the solution itself. We begin with the ‘why’, before designing, developing and implementing a cloud solution unique to you. In doing so, we introduce to your business sophisticated functions and processes that increase efficiencies, automate time-consuming processes and offer deep, data-driven insight.

If your business utilises Microsoft platforms, we can introduce an entirely new level of functionality, visibility, flexibility and analytics by architecting your cloud computing strategy within Microsoft Azure.

Azure’s numerous applications, trusted by enterprise, start-ups and government, allow F1 Solutions to design a cloud architecture that utilises business intelligence to drive better decisions, sets disaster recovery options so you’ll always be up and running, enables high-performance computing, digital marketing and much more.

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Professional services with all the trimmings

F1 Solutions Accelerate, the software development channel of the F1 Solutions business, delivers quality, custom software solutions to help organisations deliver a more sophisticated and streamlined user experience. Challenges faced in business, government and not-for-profit are unique, individual and powerful. So are our custom software solutions.

We have developed online shops, business process systems and project management software. F1 Solutions Accelerate produced Australia’s first electronic polling place management system, which is still in use. We’re also proud of the fact that our own OmniStar software, the sophisticated system that drives much of the nation’s grants, research and ethics programs, is still experiencing powerful growth after more than a decade of industry use and development.

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Explore other great F1 Solutions products available


An enormous amount of administrative time and effort is wasted in the management and organisation of business travel. Our travel budget tool, TravelPack, is used by more than 30 government agencies and saves up to 75% of administrative time.


When the ACT and Northern Territory headed to the polls in 2016, the voting system was managed by our electronic Polling Place Management System (ePPMS), offering increased efficiencies, faster processing times, a faster voting process and reduced multiple voting.

A few of our great customer success stories

Deep application of OmniStar Grants

Deep application of OmniStar Grants

The work of Australia’s most important medical grants body, and the future health of Australians, is being boosted by the OmniStar platform.

Managed services drive focus

Managed services drive focus

With their IT needs being managed by F1 Solutions, the National Aboriginal Community
Controlled Health Organisation can focus on improving health outcomes.

Cloud services in Azure

Cloud services in Azure

NAATI’s new NCMS platform using Azure Kubernetes Service provided the community with a richer, more intuitive and agile certification platform.

Grants management in AWS

Grants management in AWS

A powerful partnership with AWS enabled this transformational platform to experience its full potential within many of Australia’s leading institutions.

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