Electronic Polling Place Management System

How do you improve the voting process for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in real time on voting day? That was the challenge our software developers solved in 2012 for Elections ACT and Northern Territory Electoral Commission. We’ve been enhancing the Electronic Polling Place Management System and boosting polling place performance ever since.

What does ePPMS do?

The Electronic Polling Place Management System (ePPMS) and Elections Results Display System (ERDS), both designed and built by F1 Solutions, are arguably the only systems in the world with functionality rich and advanced enough to manage, and in many instances automate, most of the tasks associated with administering the polling place business processes.

Functions of the EPPMS include:

  • An electronic roll mark-off system for the search and mark-off of elector’s names from a certified list
  • Automated reconciliation of ballot papers and barcodes
  • The installation of the applications and data on each individual tablet/notebook
  • Wireless network transmission of each mark-off transaction for close to real-time replication in each unit across all polling places
  • Wireless network transmission of final polling place results between a polling place’s Central Unit to the Elections HQ database (central database)
  • Creation of the Elections HQ database
  • An ability to conduct all other necessary Officer In Charge (OIC) functions associated with an OIC return
  • Ability to uninstall roll mark-off software post-election and return netbooks with the same configuration with which they arrived
  • Ability to continue to perform all local functions such as roll look-up and mark-off if the network drops or fails
  • Resume synchronisation and network reliant functions when network connectivity is restored
  • Ballot paper reconciliation and discrepancy display
  • Ability to enter multiple flags against an elector record, indicating multiple declaration votes issued
Decreased processing times per voter
Increase in operational efficiency
Increase in polling place staff productivity
Reduction in reconciliation processing
Multiple voting decrease
Increase in display times

Supercharge stakeholder voting experience

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Accuracy, security, integrity

The ePPMS specifically tackles the most common and high-impact risks of accuracy, security and integrity. Key features include electronic roll search and mark-off, automated end-of-day ballot paper reconciliation, identification of multiple voting attempts, secure transmission of vote counts, metric recording (voter statistics, staff processing and more) and real time display of results from the polling location.

Mitigate risk

The ePPMS directly addresses the issue of accuracy and multiple or lost votes by having a central election roll database that marks off a person’s name once they have been issued with a ballot paper. The system can detect attempts to cast multiple votes by the same person. Postal votes are also uploaded to the central election roll database, further reducing the risk of multiple votes.

Boost efficiencies

The ePPMS offers several features to improve the smooth running of the polling process, including providing key notifications such as low ballot paper numbers and an inventory of other materials. This eliminates unnecessary delays, wastage and costly errors. The system also holds polling place layout, time and attendance recording, and customer service feedback from voters.

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NAATI’s testing system is robust, innovative and unique provides quality assurance and confidence to individuals who rely on translator and interpreter services to participate effectively in society. Since its introduction in January 2018, over 15,000 credentials have been awarded to over 10,500 practitioners under the certification system. We are proud of the work done to date.

St. Vincent de Paul

When F1 Solutions started this relationship with St Vincent de Paul Society (SVDP) Canberra/Goulburn, their senior management had the view that IT was a necessary expense rather than a strategic investment. Gradually, as they began to reap the benefits of a sound IT operating environment, their thinking shifted. Today SVDP view IT as an asset, and F1 Solutions and SVDP work in partnership to continually enhance the operational effectiveness of the organisation.

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