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3 Different Purposes OmniStar is a SuperStar Solution Built For  image

OmniStar is a SuperStar Solution Built For 3 Different Purposes




From Planning to Evaluation, OmniStar is an End-to-End Solution

OmniStar is an end-to-end management solution. It manages every aspect of a project, from planning to evaluation, and integrates every stage of the process to provide complete lifecycle transparency and accountability. This gives you unparalleled benefits. Audit reports can be generated with just a few clicks. Business intelligence lies at your fingertips. Project progression is clearly visible on screen through dashboard reporting.  And information can be accessed and provided to management and auditors just minutes after it is requested.

Everything Captured in One Location

The biggest benefit of having a single software solution to manage your entire process or project is all data is saved in the one location. OmniStar captures objectives, data from applications, communication between stakeholders, changes made by people, results, feedback and much more. Now imagine what you could do with all that valuable information.

Revolutionise the Way You Manage Projects and Processes Experience the Difference

Life Cycle Transparency and Accountability

Integrates information across all phases of a project and tracks every interaction with researchers, finance, institutions, staff, milestones, publications, and contracts — providing critical information for decision makers.

Enhanced Reporting and Intelligence

Provides a configurable and customisable dashboard, ad-hoc and predefined reporting, and advanced searching and filtering tools. This allows access to unprecedented levels of business intelligence and targeted reporting. 

Pre-Populated Multistage Applications

Provides an intuitive and intelligent application process by using information the previous application stage to pre-populate information in the next stage. Applications forms support a range of modern features. 

Visibility for Applicants

Allows applicants who have applied to log on and view how far their application has progressed. Successful applicants can later see how much money they have been granted and upcoming contractual obligations. 

Superior Relationship Management

Allows you to categorise people, researchers and institutions with meaningful classifications to help you identify the right person or target audience to contact when needed — helping you deliver excellent client service. 

Offline Forms Capability

Allows Application Forms, Reviewer Forms, Progress Reports & Final Reports to be downloaded and then populated without network connectivity. These forms are synchronised and/ or processed when connectivity is available. 

Effortless ANAO Compliance

Provides a full history and audit log on all records, contracts, projects, applications, evaluations and more. You can have peace of mind that the funds granted are being expended in accordance with legislative requirements. 

Industry Standard Integration

Improves efficiency by automation. It has the ability to integrate with your external services, such as your corporate finance system. Other systems OmniStar supports are SharePoint, TRIM, MYOB, QuickBooks & many more. 

Easy Communication with Applicants and Stakeholders

OmniStar makes communication with applicants and stakeholders easy! You can schedule and send bulk emails and newsletters from one central point. 


“OmniStar helped us satisfy the requirements of audit processes designed to test our procedural and documentation storage systems. The structures provided within OmniStar enabled us to come through these audits with a clean bill of health.”


Dr. Micheal O'Shea, General Manager, Research Funding Unit
Sugar Research Australia

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