Forward-thinking software development to fast-track your success

F1 Accelerate is our bespoke software development service targeted at organisations who need something that cannot be found in an out of the box solution. We capture the unique needs of your operations, and create something tailor made. So you don't have to worry about being reliant on an out-of-the-box solution that involves costly configurations and insufficient integration. We build custom software solutions that fully integrate to your existing business systems.

Build a solution that perfectly meets your business needs

There is no point investing in a solution that gets half the job done. We create software that works your way so that you can achieve astounding results.

We have a rich history in developing and delivering software engineering, SaaS products, managed and ICT professional services and infrastructure design, architecture for a wide range of use cases. Ranging from Commonwealth government, state government, corporates and not-for-profit. This provides us with a key point of difference in our bespoke software development capability. It helps us develop solutions that are more flexible, adaptable, suited for purpose, secure, innovative and customisable.

We know IT from every angle. 

Forget expensive configurations and inadequate integrations. Work with highly – skilled bespoke web developers to create your own property systems built to solve your unique business problems. Outperform your competitors with a solution that ensures purpose built productivity and efficiency. 

What’s in it for you?

Stop wishing your software worked for you and start planning what you’ll achieve once it does. Good software boosts your business.

Automate time-consuming processes

Good technology is about no longer having to do the repetitive, low-value tasks. Assign those tasks to history with software that does them for you.

Free up staff to do higher-value work

When your software streamlines and automates, your people can do what they're passionate about - innovating and making a difference.

Make your software work the way you do

In our personal lives, whether we're grabbing a ride, listening to new tracks or shopping online, good technology makes our lives simpler. Let's make that happen at work.

Drive strategy with the right tools

You know where you want to go and how you'd like to get there. The right tools will help you arrive ahead of time and provide entirely new opportunities along the way.

Attract and retain great staff with good technology

It's no secret that great talent is attracted to organisations that utilise good technology. They use it in their private lives so expect the same at work.

Exploit the power of data analysis

Data helps a business see what was previously invisible - patterns, trends, markets and the forces that shape success. Good technology gives you that vision.

What’s the testing process?

Not only do our business analysts work closely with our clients to ensure a deep understanding of system and process requirements, our developers follow a strict regimen of testing at all stages of the software development lifecycle.

Testing in an agile environment

We break the development of custom software in to ‘sprints’, allowing testing to focus on specific features and requirements as we move through the software development lifecycle. This ensures a superior end product.

Automation testing using Selenium

We use automation testing to do golden path testing and some validation testing. This occurs across as much of the system as possible to highlight any potential problems, without the need for testers to manually trawl through the entire system.

Manual testing

Supplementing our automation testing is manual testing for specific features and requirements. This ensures all features and requirements are tested for bugs on a regular basis.

Defect tracking

When we find an issue, a defect record is created and tracked throughout the development lifecycle. It must be manually verified that they have been resolved before the defect can be closed.

Your software built with the latest and greatest

As a bespoke software development house, we keep up with newer technologies to deliver the best custom software possible.

We’re a long-time certified Microsoft Gold Partner, so we use industry-leading tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, .Net, C#, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Foundation Server and Microsoft Hyper-V.

And as a Select Consulting Partner of AWS, the world’s most broadly adopted and comprehensive cloud platform, many of our SaaS offerings are hosted with AWS. They utilise a selection of the hundreds of powerful tools and applications available on that platform to boost the solution’s capabilities.

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A proven track record

Challenges faced in business, government and not-for-profit are unique, individual and complex. So are our custom software solutions.

F1 Accelerate produced Australia’s first Electronic Polling Place Management System, which is still in use. We’re immensely proud that our own OmniStar software, the sophisticated system that drives much of the nation’s grants, research and ethics programs, is still experiencing powerful growth after more than a decade of industry use and development. And TravelPack is our one-of-a-kind government travel budget tool that currently streamlines the travel administration workload in more than 30 Australian government agencies.

During decades in business we have developed small online shops, major business process systems and project management software that helps to calm the rough waters that come with change management. We’re thrilled that our track record speaks for itself.

We get your systems talking

Challenges faced in business, government and not-for-profit are unique, individual and complex. So are our custom software solutions.

Custom software won’t succeed in its strategic function if it damages valued processes. It’s about integration.

We have a long history of successfully integrating software in a breadth of systems and environments. Our experience extends to developing and managing service-oriented, architecture-based solutions, layered systems, client-server applications, event driven and REST-like systems. We’re fluent in numerous system languages, meaning we have the knowledge to bridge gaps between platforms.

F1 Solutions’ iterative approach ensures your business processes remain intact prior to, during and after implementation, whilst improving on existing processes. Over several decades we have seen and helped create examples of best practice. So whether it’s a small improvement or a full-scale, line-of-business application, we’ve got the experience and expertise to make your software work for you.

Key capabilities

Whether you’re after custom software to supercharge your business or expertise to help with a unique technology challenge, we’d love to meet you.

Custom software: When a COTS doesn’t fit

In an environment fuelled by data, smart businesses demand software that works for them. We use new tech to build high-performance software to drives them into the future.

Consultancy services: We’re your solutions team

Sometimes it’s essential to bring in subject matter experts to architect a perfect solution. Whatever your technology needs, we can put together a dedicated team to understand and solve your challenge.

Augmenting your team: Boost software capabilities

We have 25 years of experience of driving technology projects, large and small, and introducing positive change into organisations. When you’re working on a software solution or implementation, we can boost your project team.

Ready to transform your business?

For any or all of your software needs, or even just to talk about what technology can do to make your business more secure, efficient and adaptable, contact us for a chat.