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Proactive monitoring of your servers and network

Not all businesses see the advantage in the rush to the cloud. For some, it makes better sense for essential infrastructure to remain. The F1 Advantage infrastructure services suite brings the best of both worlds – on-premises surety and security plus cloud-style, off-site proactive monitoring and maintenance of servers and network infrastructure.

Maximise your potential

Let us keep your organisation’s engine running smoothly.

Great business is conducted with powerful tools that offer insight, control, measurement, vision and precision. If those tools become unavailable, opportunity is lost.

An important part of the F1 Advantage managed services plan is the real-time, 24/7 monitoring and management of on-premises servers and network infrastructure. We watch over those systems, performing regular maintenance and listening out for emerging issues, to ensure they’re always in exceptional condition.

In fact, we improve the running of your essential systems. Having provided the service for hundreds of clients including large government departments, fast moving start-ups, not for profits, major corporates and more, we’ve seen and implemented best practice.

Our respected experts offer advice around excellence in management of on-premises infrastructure.

It all means you can maximise productivity and shift your focus to where it counts.

How does our server and network management help you?

  • Rectangle Copy 8 Simple, fast set-up with no disruption
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Fewer business disruptions
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Less system downtime
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Vastly improved security
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Effective disaster relief planning
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Greater productivity
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Local technical support
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Preventative maintenance
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Monthly billing and reporting
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Powerful best-practice advice

How we mind your business

The well-oiled operation of your business tools requires proactive monitoring and maintenance to prevent any costly interruptions. Here’s how we do it.

Server monitoring and management

Not only do we keep your servers finely tuned, we also apply patches and firmware updates, and at the end of each month we send a tailored, detailed maintenance report providing details of tasks undertaken and recommendations.

Network monitoring and support

Your network is a vital ingredient in your recipe for organisational success. We proactively monitor and manage your entire system around the clock to recognise emerging problems before they become significant ones that impact your business.

Backup and disaster recovery

It may be important that your infrastructure is on premises, but it is also essential to have a disaster recovery plan, including off-site backup. This provides protection against accidental deletion of important files and against malicious attacks that can cripple a business.

Antivirus protection

Our security team, which partners with some of the most respected security brands in the world, monitors your systems 24/7 for viruses, malware and other potential threats.

Internet and email

Your network is a vital ingredient in your recipe for organisational success. We proactively monitor and manage your entire system around the clock to recognise emerging problems before they become significant ones that impact your business.

Dedicated Australian assistance

F1 Solutions is proud of our respected, local help desk service. Clients of F1 Advantage enjoy a dedicated account manager with deep knowledge of their systems and a dedicated help desk.

Our Security Advantage

Good technology should keep your business protected. That’s why we bring you a powerful technology security service – the F1 Security Advantage cyber security health check.

Designed by Foresight, leaders in security best-practice who have performed security assessments on companies such as AWS, the F1 Security Advantage cyber security health check addresses a variatiy of integral areas of technology to give you an in-depth report of your security.

It is a must have for all organisations, especially with the changes in how we work and the introduction of a modern workplace.

  • Rectangle Copy 8 Antivirus configuration
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Virtual Private Network capability
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Backup process and tools
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Restriction of administrive privileges
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Patching of applications
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Patching of operating systems
  • Rectangle Copy 8 Microsoft Office macros protection
  • Rectangle Copy 8 User application hardening
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It’s in our DNA

Named after the F1 help key, F1 Solutions started out as a help desk service over 25 years ago. The F1 Advantage program brings our vision to life by making managed IT services simple, smart and safe for our clients. It is designed to put you in a winning position by making you more innovative, resilient, secure, productive and efficient, with a suite of cutting-edge products, services and support enhanced to future-proof your business.

Don’t just take our word for it

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NAATI’s testing system is robust, innovative and unique provides quality assurance and confidence to individuals who rely on translator and interpreter services to participate effectively in society. Since its introduction in January 2018, over 15,000 credentials have been awarded to over 10,500 practitioners under the certification system. We are proud of the work done to date.

St. Vincent de Paul

When F1 Solutions started this relationship with St Vincent de Paul Society (SVDP) Canberra/Goulburn, their senior management had the view that IT was a necessary expense rather than a strategic investment. Gradually, as they began to reap the benefits of a sound IT operating environment, their thinking shifted. Today SVDP view IT as an asset, and F1 Solutions and SVDP work in partnership to continually enhance the operational effectiveness of
the organisation.

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Karinya House

The F1 Team demonstrates, and has actively worked to develop a great understanding of, our business. All of the F1 Help Desk Team demonstrate patience with our staff, who are not IT specialists, but specialists in their own fields. We thank all at F1 Solutions for their services to Karinya House, and their support through partnership with us for women in our community.

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